China Masked Crucial COVID Data in the Media, But Is Now Covering The Floyd Protests

China Masked Crucial COVID Data in the Media, But Is Now Covering The Floyd Protests

The Chinese communist government hates working with the United States. They hate the fact that President Trump has beaten them at their own trading games. They do not like it that the United States has called their bluff regarding the threats over Taiwan and other smaller nations. China has resorted to Democrat tactics on how to try and save face in light of a well-loved president. They have resorted to using bad things in America to attack the president and the country itself.

There are plenty of things that China has tried to blame the United States. One of those things was the outbreak of the coronavirus. China tried with all their might to pin the problem on the United States and President Trump. But, the facts were too overwhelming. Everything pointed to Wuhan, China being the epicenter. So now the communist nation has focused on internal matters to attack the Americans with.

The protests over the death of George Floyd has become the focus of their pointless attacks. People all over the country have lost their minds and are rioting and performing violent acts as the run through the streets. But what started the protests are no longer the cause of the marches. Selfish intent and senseless greed now grip the hearts of those that are looking for a reason to steal cars and burn building down.

All of this is being watched by the Chinese that has started adding fuel to the fire. China is promoting that racism against colored people and those of eastern descent is happening at the hands of “white people.” Their hateful propaganda is being published in their biased media. One report stated that “Racism in the US has victimized many blacks, Asians, and other minorities, and the feeling of white supremacy has become more obvious.” As if it was hidden in some way. What the Chinese do not promote is any type of racism towards “white” people at the hands of others. Racism is not one way. It is multi-directional and happens towards all types of people from others of different cultural backgrounds.

Part of China’s push is to blame President Trump for the violence. They see him as the ringleader of the white supremacist party. Something that is certainly not true. That false accusation has been spoken out loud by angry Democrats looking to get their five minutes of fame for calling the president a silly name. The Chinese media echoed the Democratic Party’s thoughts by saying “Discrimination, hate, and injustice are widely felt.” And yet it is only a few people that still hold to the notion that they are oppressed. While the vast majority of minorities in America are living simple lives making their American dreams come true.

The spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is Zhao Lijian. He stated that “Black lives matter and their human rights should be guaranteed.” Except he forgot the truth that all lives matter. No one ever riots when a “white” cop is killed at the hand of a minority or illegal criminal. It only happens when it the reverse situation.

Lijian is known for his lies. He lied when he stated that Robert Redfield had been arrested from the Center for Disease Control. He also lied as he pushed the idea that the United States infected the world with COVID-19. Communism and Democrats are the same. It is hard to tell the difference between the two groups. They say the same things, and both hate the United States of America.

And yet the Chinese government is known to discriminate against their African population. They imposed nasty restrictions on them to keep COVID-19 contained. They also use excessive communist force to quiet people that speak out against the insanity of the Chinese government. The only racism that happens in the world today is that coming from people that hate life in general. The protestors are not demonstrating any of the known issues. They are promoting their selfish agenda as they violently do things that they normally would not get away with on their own.


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