The Failing NY Times Published Such an Atrocious Op-ed, Even Their Employees Revolted

The failing NY Times recently took their stab at dishonest and purposely misleading journalism one mammoth-step too far, even by their own lack of truth-telling standards. In fact, the fledging fake news source went so far over the edge of reality, a large majority of their staffers kicked up a ruckus when they objected to the powers that be abusing their reach beyond any acceptable level, and they voiced their concerns in no uncertain terms.

The op-end section of the NY Times is all too often used as a platform for the news sources reinforcement of the truth, according to their skewed left-slanting version of it. Sometimes they slightly slant, sometimes they downright fabricate, but at no time can the Times ever be relied upon to spill the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is not their objective, and finally, the employees who have had little choice but to abide by the rules or be fired, no longer care.

The Times chose to publish an op-ed concerning remarks made by Republican Tom Cotton who currently serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Cotton let the world know he 100% backs President Trump’s decision to send in the troops and put an end to the violent protest nonsense currently crippling our Nation and achieving little more than causing additional deaths and widespread destruction.

As an important side-note, the Times employee leading the revolt is not some infiltrated right-wing faction spy indiscriminately planted with the goal of destroying the Times from within. Quite the opposite. The woman is a black Democrat which should serve to prove beyond any doubt, even the snowflakes are beginning to melt from the hotbed of lies the Times continues to push on its misguided readers as the truth. And they continue gobbling it up like it’s their last meal of highly articulated bogus crap.

Nikole Hannah Jones is a NY Times staffer who assisted in the news sources “1619” Slavery Project which earned a prestigious Pulitzer Prize award. Deeply disturbed, she had this to say,  “As a black woman, as a journalist, as an American, I am deeply ashamed that we ran this.” Other staffers, such as Jenna Worthman, took to the pages of Twitter with remarks such as,  “Running this put Black @nytimes staffers in danger.”

But the higher-ups at the Times are sticking to their guns and not budging, as was indicated by their response. “Times Opinion owes it to our readers to show them counter-arguments, particularly those made by people in a position to set policy. We understand that many readers find Senator Cotton’s argument painful, even dangerous. We believe that is one reason it requires public scrutiny and debate.” In layman terms, they feel it’s their right to stir the pot of discourse by debating and countering anything our government has to say, no matter how sensible it may be. Sure thing.

A.G. Sulzberger chimed in with the following; “It is clear many believe this piece fell outside the realm of acceptability, representing dangerous commentary in an explosive moment that should not have found a home in The Times, even as a counterpoint to our own institutional view. I believe in the principle of openness to a range of opinions, even those we may disagree with, and this piece was published in that spirit.” Well…no…it wasn’t. Sorry, Mr. Sulzberger. It was published with malicious intent.

Every single journalist employed by the Times, barring absolutely none, whether they be liberal or conservative-minded, hate President Trump with enormous intensity and have no qualms with letting it be known. They twist, turn, and manipulate every article they affix their names to.

The Senator, Tom Cotton, hailing from the great state of Arkansas, commended the NY Times editors for finally taking a proper stance.  “They’ve stood up to the ‘woke progressive mob’ in their own newsroom. So, I commend them for that.” But…Several hours after receiving the compliment, the weakness of the editor’s convictions shown true to light, and the Times gave in to the demands of its employees.

“We’ve examined the piece and the process leading up to its publication,” the Times said in a newly revised statement. “This review made clear that a rushed editorial process led to the publication of an op-ed that did not meet our standards.” The paper vowed to make their usual phony changes to the op-end while at the same time publishing fewer of them. After all, they don’t want to offend their delicate readers with the truth. Lying is what keeps them in business. Adding a bit of unintentional humor to their lame response, the Times promised to expand their fact-checking team. Loosely interpreted this means they may consider creating one, which of course any level-headed sane patriot knows, they won’t. It’s the NY Times. “Nuff said.


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