U.S. Trying to Free Man in Iran after Illegal Arrest for Espionage

U.S. Trying to Free Man in Iran after Illegal Arrest for Espionage

Iran loves making trouble for people that they come across. If the person they are after has any ties to the nations of the west, they are going to be targeted and wrongfully accused of some crime. Such is the case for Morad Tahbaz who was arrested in 2018 with his group of Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation members. They were charged with having contact with the United States. They were charged with and found guilty for being United States citizens. Iran was bullying them because they were part of the country that their leaders hate.

Iran seeks to take its frustration out on others. They look for ways to harm the United States. And if that means wrongfully accusing people in the courts with crimes that are made up, they are going to do it. Tahbaz and his group were all sentenced to four to 10 years in prison. All on charges that were made up just so Iran could hurt the United States on some level. Iran decided that it would best if people with ties the western nations were punished for living their lives. The Iranian dictator simply hates freedoms and leaders that do what is right.

Tahbaz is a man that sought to protect the Asiatic cheetah. This is an animal that is endangered of being lost to extinction. His motives for wanting to protect the animal from being killed is most notable. Iranian authorities had no true motive for taking the group and putting them in prison. Other than they were taking their anger out on innocent people like they desire to do. It just goes to show that they cannot harm the United States the way that their lying tongues claim they can.

Brian Hook is the United States representative to Iran, and he stated that “we call for the release of Morad Tahbaz, a renowned conservationist suffering in a jail cell in Iran. All who care about basic human rights, the environment, and the preservation of endangered species should join our call for Iran to #FreeMorad.” Hook directed this statement to the State Department hoping to draw attention to the illegal treatment of an American citizen.

He also addressed the alleged crime of Tahbaz when he stated that “His crime? Trying to save an endangered species from extinction. Apparently the Iranian regime is unable to distinguish between saving animals from committing espionage.” When people are enraged with hatred they can only see violence towards that other country and its people. Tahbaz was doing nothing wrong, but Iranian leaders saw him as a threat to their security just because he was an American citizen.

Hook went on to point out that the treatment to Tahbaz is not the best as his medical health has started to decline. He is at risk for COVID-19 infection and as Hook puts it “He cannot get the medical supervision he needs while in a prison cell.” In a way, Tahbaz was seeking to help the Iranian people and country. There are less than 50 of the animals that he was seeking to save left in the world. Tahbaz stated in writing that “Without help, Iran will lose more species and the world will be a poorer place for it.” For trying to do the right thing he is now sick and in prison with no hope of being let out.

Hook showed the State Department that Tahbaz was in Iran legally with permits. Three ministries in Iran said that no evidence warranted his arrest and imprisonment. Hook is also calling on any nation with relations with Iran to ask for Tahbaz’s release. The problem with this approach is that the Iranian president wants to look like he has the power so he will not bend under pressure.

President Trump is not going to allow Iran to bully the United States. Iran may arrest and imprison Americans trying to prove a point, but that does not mean they will win any war or battle that may come up. The United States stands for freedom for all people. Social injustices and human rights violations are dealt with appropriately. President Trump is the right man for the job of leading the United States and keeping its people free.


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