What?! Massachusetts Attorney General Happily Watches Fires Burn

With destruction comes rebirth, right? The fires burning across the country are destructive enough to bring parts of America back down to the ground. The Massachusetts Attorney General plans to stand by and watch it burn. Only then, she says, can American rebuild.

Wait, that’s crazy talk. You can’t burn America to the ground. Doing so would get rid of all the good that the country has. It takes history, the Constitution, and the American dream with it.

She is a Democrat, and it would appear she’s an extremist, too. With this kind of attitude, it’s easy to see how white supremacists are most certainly not behind the looting and burning. It’s ignorant Democrats with ideals that make no sense.

She’s explained that America is burning…and that’s how forests grow.

As a co-chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, the AG, Maura Healey, is looking to seize the opportunity for a chance to build new. While she’s not like some of her Democrats, paying the bail of those who have broken the law, she’s not helping the situation, either. In fact, it’s as if she’s encouraging people to pick up torches and help to burn American to the ground. We don’t want America to burn! And exactly what kinds of forests does she plan to watch grow in the rubble of destruction left by the terrorists who are helping her?

How is letting fires burn really going to help anything? It’s not just about George Floyd anymore. Innocent people are losing everything. Healey isn’t saying that she’s just going to sit back and watch it all burn…is she?

Jeff Landry, her counterpart at the Republican Attorney Generals Association has something to say about Healey’s approach. He explains that her rhetoric is part of the problem. As an AG, she’s supposed to uphold the law and protect life and property.

It seems that Healey may have a few other things planned, instead. Letting the fires burn is not going to help anything. Her comments are only inciting more violence. She’s essentially given people the green light to burn American straight to the ground so that there can be a rebirth.

She may need to fact-check herself in terms of what her role as AG is. She’s supposed to quell the fear in the general public. The average American citizen doesn’t want to see the country burn. They want their lives and properties protected. Making a comment about how America is burning to be an opportunity adds to the fear. Americans assume she will do nothing to put out the fires – and that’s a terrifying concept.

Healey insists that she’s about growth. However, if she’s planning to watch the looters and protesters continue to set America on fire to the point that it’s burning, her solutions are violent. It goes against what America is about. What happened to peaceful protests? When the country is literally burning to the ground, there’s no way for her to justify her actions as being in favor of the people.

Healey and other liberals need a significant wake-up call. We cannot allow the enemy to win. Allowing the fires allows America to be consumed – including everything that is good with the country.

Perhaps she should be reminded of words spoken by the late Martin Luther King Jr himself if she wants to get rid of “institutionalized racism.” He spoke that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness.” Allowing the looters to set fire to the country is darkness – and it cannot clear up the darkness that has been incited when bad cops take advantage of innocent black people.

Healey doesn’t want to help America. If she did, she’d be stopping the fires in any way possible. She’d be encouraging people to put down their torches. Innocent people are losing their homes and businesses in the fire. How are they guilty of anything but trying to live the American dream?


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