Dems Wanting to Defund the Police are Having Their Palms Greased

Dems Wanting to Defund the Police are Having Their Palms Greased

Well…Well…Well… A bunch of someone’s just got caught with their greasy palms diving into the proverbial cookie jar. Could they be…Democrats???

The rallying cry of “Defund Police Departments” is being shouted from the rooftops by every anxious criminal in America hoping for the free reign to more easily perform their chosen profession. But they’re only getting sore throats. We’re all aware, our President and his faithful crew will never allow this stupidity to happen.

Let’s add an interesting twist to this demon-fueled defund campaign by taking a gander in a direction which for logical reasons is given little to no thought. While police departments around the country are shaking their heads in disbelief and scouting out new jobs, what has their trusty union, and other police organizations who gladly accept their monthly dues, been up to? Hmmm…

A recent look into the records of Police Unions and Political Action Committees involved with law enforcement has found that some Congressional Democrats, namely the ones staying mostly silent on the issue, are the same Democrats who have received the greatest amount of contributions from police groups. Screw the cause of their party. They’re going with the money.

Hold on tightly. One of the top two recipients of contributions by a significant margin is none other than the Democrat from Minnesota, and failed presidential candidate, Amy Klobucher. Running a close second comes Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont. Some call them contributions. Others call it getting their palms greased. You decide.

This is all coming to light as the Dems are attempting to pass their crudely constructed “Justice in Policing Act.” The act would prevent law officers, even if their lives are in jeopardy, from using chock holds on their violent yet fragile perpetrators.

Imagine law officers coming under gunfire and being afraid to return any bullets for fear they’ll hurt someone and be held liable. The bill would reduce the limits of their liability leaving police officers with the possibility of serving jail time should they violate the rule. To stay out of trouble they are to be sitting ducks awaiting the perfect shot to their foreheads.

To be fair, there are some Republicans with their hands out as well. The difference being, the Republicans are fighting for all of the right causes so the contributions have been used for their proper purposes, which ultimately benefits all of us.

In third place is Rep. Lee Zeldon, a Republican from NY. Since being elected to serve in Congress in 2014, his total amount received in contributions has been $22,400. By no means a staggering figure.

Between the House and the Senate, six of the leading recipients are Democrats. But despite as horrible and devious as all of this might appear on the surface, these organizations would not be forking over any cash if they didn’t believe their investment return would be healthy. Consider it hush money.

Law enforcement organizations don’t want to see the defunding of police departments any more than any other patriot who’s still in full control of their senses. This is their way of making certain the Democrats idiotic bill meets extreme resistance both in the House and in the Senate,

These groups found out a long time ago what it takes to make any Democrat politician clam up faster than the speed of light. Pretend you like them while you’re shoving dollar bills in their pockets. It’s as easy as a-b-c. Anybody can do it, and it would be safe to say this isn’t the first or the last grease-job they’ll receive from other unknown sources as well. It’s the Dem way,

Dumbocrat politicians are the easiest people to buy, evidenced by Barak Obama. The guy who almost got away with destroying the very foundation of America is living a little too well these days. He’s been seen zooming around the world and lounging on luxury yachts. We know his presidential retirement check is good, but it ain’t that good.

So let’s let these Democrats keep catching the peanuts being tossed at them. As long as they’re happy and content, mums the word. There is more than one way to get the right thing done, and are law enforcement organizations were clever enough to figure it out a long time ago. They’ve been doing this for 25 years. Money talks so Democrats won’t.


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