Omar Foolishly Picks Fight with Ted Cruz, Immediately Regrets It

Omar Foolishly Picks Fight with Ted Cruz, Immediately Regrets It

As I am sure you are well aware, the progressive left has incited a mob in nearly every major American city that is defacing statue after statue and monument after American monument, all in the name of being woke. Somehow their thought is that if they cancel or get rid of every little thing that even remotely offends them, somehow the world will be a better place.

However, in their eagerness to “#CancelAmerica,” as many lost souls have begun tweeting, they are ignorant of the fact that they are destroying themselves.

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas pointed this out this week, after a popular and well-known statue of Christopher Columbus was pulled down in Minnesota’s state capital of St. Paul. The Senator referred to those taking it down as the “American Taliban.”

As you can well imagine, the comment was not lost on the woke left, nor was it taken very well. Leftist social media users were outraged, going crazy over the audacity of Cruz for saying such a thing.

One of the loudest voices in these “protestors” defense was that of Somalian born Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. The Democratic “squad” member tried to pick a fight with Cruz, suggesting that he had no idea what he was talking about and that these people had every right to do what they did.

She wrote in response to Cruz, “This was organized and led by Indigenous people. Columbus literally started a genocide against them. What a sick thing to say about those taking down monuments to their own oppression.”

Now, obviously she is far from being correct. Anyone who paid even the slightest bit of attention in history class would know that while Columbus was not exactly the most stand up guy and certainly made some rather grievous errors in judgment, he didn’t start anything even remotely close to a genocide.

However, it wasn’t long before Cruz had a response of his own. And it proved just how ignorant, biased, and hypocritical the Omar really is.

He wrote, “No, he didn’t commit genocide, “literally” or otherwise. He did discover the New World, which led to colonizers, some of whom inadvertently brought disease.”

A bold history lesson to be sure. But the patriotic lawmaker was far from finished dressing Omar down.

He added, “Is it your position that it’s inherently immoral to come to America from a foreign land? I’m glad my Dad came from Cuba.”

Now, as an immigrant whose family fled to America some years ago, Omar, of all people, should understand the need and want to make another land your home. The Americas, though they weren’t called that yet, were a dream, a hope, and the possibility of a better and more enriched future for Columbus and all those who followed.

Sure, several, including Columbus, came seeking treasures and weren’t always very nice about getting it. But he certainly didn’t wipe out an entire race or people, although the diseases he and his followers unknowingly brought with them, in part, did.

Furthermore, Omar and the crowds that blindly follow her ignorance are clearly blind to the fact that these statues and monuments are about far more than just the name on the base or even the face it holds.

These pieces of art were created by individuals, most of them Americans, who also came from other lands and nations to make the US their home. These are their legacy and their livelihoods.

Take this particular statue, for example.

It was sculpted by Italian immigrant Carlo Brioschi and his son Amerigo. Brioschi, like so many other immigrants, came to the US to pursue his dreams and make something of himself. And he did that, in part with this famous sculpture. At the time, Italian-Americans were an oppressed community, often subjected to the worst of treatment.

And yet, his creation proved that it didn’t matter where you came from to be proud to be called an American. The statue was dedicated in 1931, amid the Great Depression, as a symbol of hope and unity for all.

His legacy now lies in ruin, being defaced by a movement that has no idea what they are doing, by people that are too ignorant to see what’s in front of them, and by a woman who ought to know better.


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