Op-Ed: Atlanta Riots Over Justified Killing of Common Thug

Op-Ed: Atlanta Riots Over Justified Killing of Common Thug

A man in Atlanta was shot and killed by two cops. The man was black. He was drunk and passed out in his car in a Wendy’s drive-through. The cops woke the man up, asked him to exit his vehicle, and then filled him full of lead for no reason.

This is how the rioters in Atlanta who torched the Wendy’s in their own neighborhood which had nothing to do with anything, would have us all believe. To them, this is just another sign of the type of racist injustice they aim to put an end to.

The actions of the Atlanta rioters indicate something entirely different though. In their minds, the signs reading “Black Lives Matter” are being grossly misinterpreted by white people everywhere.

Many protestors involved in the movement currently sweeping our nation have nothing but peaceful intentions. But, these wrinkly faced Mylanta guzzling flower children are being overshadowed by radical left-wing elements and common criminals.

Ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik hit the nail on the head when his frustration level finally hit the boiling point. He didn’t hold back with Judge Jeanine of Fox News.

“I hear the attorney said that using the taser against the officer is not deadly force — yet the city of Atlanta, the mayor of Atlanta, had six cops fired last week, a week-and-a-half ago for using a Taser on a couple in a car — and the district attorney charged them with using deadly physical force.”

Kerik then added, “Five of those cops, of the six, were black. This wasn’t a black and a black-and-white issue. They fired them, saying they used deadly force. So that conflicts with what these guys said already.”

In reality, the man who was killed, Rayshard Brooks, attacked the officers after he failed the field sobriety test the officers administered. As with any DUI suspect, they proceeded to handcuff Brooks so he could sleep it off in the pokey.

This is done for everyone else’s safety and it’s considered standard operating procedure regardless of the intoxicated driver’s skin tone. But Brooks didn’t want to go to jail that night. He had other plans.

A bodycam video clearly shows the moment when Brooks grabbed the officer attempting to cuff him and wrestles him to the ground, with no doubt in anyone’s mind, attempting to elude arrest and not caring who got hurt in the process.

Brooks then grabs one of the officers Tazer-gun and wrestles himself free. As he turns to run, he stops and fires the gun at the cops in pursuit. Boom goes one of the cop’s guns, and down goes Brooks. Dead.

Yet the Atlanta rioters don’t care about the officers reacting in the same way they would have with anyone doing what Brooks did. Their myopic vision sees an innocent African-American man being needlessly gunned by two white cops, fueled only by the fires of racism.

Kerik went on to elaborate. “I think some of the reforms need to be talked about. And I think the mayors, these radical, left-wing, you know, progressive mayors and governors, they could start with reforms. Like, tell the thugs in your community don’t attack our police, don’t assault our police, don’t resist arrest, don’t obstruct or interfere with that arrest, don’t run from the police.”

“Don’t run cops over with your car. Don’t take their tasers, don’t take their weapons, don’t take their guns,” he went on to say. “Because if you do, we’re going to use force and we’re not going to lose if we use force.”

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is seeking justice and total equality for all, and their purpose is perhaps justified. However, the movement has been so tainted by those wishing to cause harm and disruption, it’s turned into a free-for-all of crime and violence.

Equality means equality, and if a person chooses a particular lifestyle contradictory to established laws, regardless of their skin color, ethnic origin, religion, sex, or any other factor, they are a thug. Period.

There was absolutely no racist motives surrounding the death of Rayshad Brooks. He was a man. He resisted arrest. He attempted causing bodily harm. He was killed. The end.


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