The Baltimore Race for Mayor Ends with a Surprising Twist

In recent years, the city of Baltimore, Maryland, has taken over as the nation’s most dangerous metropolis. Once renown for its grand historic architecture and beauty, it is now remembered for the trash strewn about its streets and the unequaled crime rates. But it doesn’t take much to realize that the city didn’t get to this place on its own.

It had help, namely, in the form of corrupt Democratic leadership. It has been noted that in the last decade or so that every single person to sit in the mayor’s office has been up to their necks in crime themselves.

Take former and disgraced mayor Sheila Dixon, for example.

Dixon was given the seat in 2007 when then-mayor Martin O’Malley was promoted to the governor. Dixon served out the remainder of his term and was re-elected as mayor. But in 2010, she was forced to resign after being indicted for no less than 12 felony and misdemeanor counts, including theft, misconduct, and perjury.

In the end, the disgraced mayor was convicted of embezzlement, due to her theft of over $600 worth of gift cards that were intended to go to families in need.

Tell me, what kind of leader are you when you steal from the poor…

And since then, the list of mayors put into office have not done much better. In fact, all of them since Dixon, who is running for a shot at the title again this year, have either resigned or been arrested for some scandalous reason or another.

Needless to say, the city of Baltimore has been rather down on its luck for some time, and obviously in need of a change in leadership qualities.

And that’s probably why someone other than Dixon was just announced as the winner of the city’s mayoral primary race.

As the Baltimore Sun reported on Tuesday night:

“Brandon Scott has won the crowded Democratic primary for Baltimore mayor, making good on his campaign to “change the guard” at City Hall and usher in a new generation of leadership. The 36-year-old City Council president eked out a narrow victory over former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who sought to reclaim the office she lost a decade ago when she resigned amid a public corruption scandal.”

According to the Sun, “Scott holds 29.4% of the votes counted so far in the election, according to returns released Tuesday night, while Dixon has claimed 27.7%. He was ahead by more than 2,300.”

These results are noted as quite a change from just a few days ago when the Sun and other outlets reported that Dixon was in the lead. And in all honesty, she was.

As early as last Friday, the counted votes seemed to show that the disgraced former mayor was in the lead and would win. In fact, at one point, she led by a full 6 percent, which is about 4,500 individual votes. However, as mail-in ballots continued to flock in, that gap was quickly closed.

As reported by the Sun on Sunday, the two were at near dead tie. But by Tuesday evening, Scott’s number of votes continued to grow, leaving Dixon far enough behind to lose.

What this seems to tell us that most of Scott’s supporters waited until the last minute to vote and may have been undecided even into the final days and hours of the race. With mail-in ballots being allowed to be postmarked as late as the election day itself, these last-minute voters likely saw that Dixon could pull off a win and decided not to put her corrupt form of leadership back in office.

And good for them.

How in the world do the residents of Baltimore expect much to change in their downtrodden city if the type of leadership does not? If they want crime rates, including the much higher than average murder rate, they have to put someone in office who isn’t a criminal themselves.

It’s bad enough that they even let someone like Dixon run for office again, let alone have such a close loss. Apparently, some people have to learn the hard way.

But for now, at least there is the possibility of the city being in good hands. With Scott winning the Democratic primary, he might as well have won the general election because, in Baltimore, Democrats outnumber Republicans 10 to 1.


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