Pelosi’s Disgusting Presentation of the Flag to Floyd’s Family

Pelosi’s Disgusting Presentation of the Flag to Floyd’s Family

The presentation of the flag has always been reserved for heroes. Not for criminals who resisted arrest. However, Nancy Pelosi has decided that kneeling in African garb to honor George Floyd wasn’t enough. She decided to take it one step further and present George Floyd’s family with a flag.

Folded flags usually are given at military funerals. For those who have served our country. What did George Floyd do? He held a pregnant woman at gunpoint. His rap sheet is long, filled with violent crimes. While he died in the custody of police because of an improper chokehold, he was hardly a hero.

So, why the flag? Because Democrats don’t know when to stop.

What the House Speaker did by presenting the family with a service flag has outraged countless people. Veterans and military families are livid that a flag was presented because it dirties the meaning of the flag. It’s almost as if the flag is some parting gift for any death – and that’s never what it has been used for.

Did everyone who died at the hand of a police officer receive a flag? No. Only George Floyd. It’s almost as if she’s thanking the family for his part in sparking a national feud that las led to looting, rioting, and the destruction of property around the country.

The disgusting presentation doesn’t stop there. The photos she shared in her Twitter post about the flag presentation doesn’t stop there.

Let’s take a good look at her mask. When the country is fighting a pandemic and the death toll is close to that of all of Western Europe, wearing masks in close quarters is of the utmost importance.

Is it possible, just maybe, that we can get the House Speaker of our country to figure out how to wear a mask? She’s got one, but the entire time, it’s hanging down on her chin. Both her nose and her mouth are uncovered. She looks like an idiot.

Meanwhile, George Floyd’s family have their masks on properly. Her aide, too, is wearing his mask properly. Why can’t she figure this out?

She loves to point the finger at how Trump is doing things wrong. Let’s take a look at the example that she’s setting for our country.

She’s showing that she doesn’t care about anyone’s health. With her refusal to wear a mask properly (and this isn’t the first instance), she’s either showing that she’s incapable of following basic directions or that she doesn’t care enough to fix it. Either way, it’s simply wrong.

She’s also showing that she doesn’t care about keeping service flags as sacred for the military and other heroes. Nothing about what George Floyd did is worthy of a flag, so why create such a dishonor? She needs to be educated about the number of deaths that occur around the country on a daily basis.

Better people than George Floyd have died every single year – and the family was still not honored with such an impressive honor as being given a service flag from the Speaker of the House.

It’s almost as if Pelosi wants to thank George Floyd’s family for his death. Thank you for allowing George to be the one to take down Trump. Thank you for allowing George to spark racism throughout the country. Thank you for helping George’s death be the final straw so that centuries’ old statues could be ravaged in the streets. Thank you.

Someone needs to set Nancy Pelosi straight on what she did. She needs to hang out on Twitter and read some of the comments from war heroes who are disgusted by what they saw. Good people have died and haven’t received a fraction of the honors bestowed on George Floyd and his family.

And, yet, Nancy Pelosi is happy to tweet about the honor. She wants the flag to “serve as a symbol” of the commitment to secure justice for George and every other victim of police violence. Too bad she couldn’t choose another symbol since that one had already been taken – and reserved for the military.


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