Crooked Cops? Blame the Shameless Democrats

Crooked Cops? Blame the Shameless Democrats

The Democrats and their depressive media paint the picture that the faults of the world are because of the policies of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. The issues of immigration and racial conflict, they push, are because all conservatives are biased and seek only to put down other people. But that could not be further from the truth. The past four years have opened up the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the fake news streaming from the media.

The Democrats seek only power and money. They aim to obtain both at any cost. When President Trump won in 2016 the Democrats were stunned and could not fathom the loss. So, they resorted to attacking him and his supporters at every turn. The Democrats have exhausted their little bag of tricks to the point that they have resorted to violence. The fact that they support organized violence against established law should not surprise anyone.

The Democrats want people to think that that white privilege exists simply because they want to push division. The liberal party has never been about unity. They push racism and division so much that people are ready to fight. Except the ones seeking to fight are the liberal Democrats. Once they lose a debate or election they will resort to extreme violence and accusations to silence their opposition.

The latest attacks from the liberal Democrats centers on the police departments all around the world. The Democrats brainwash their followers into believing that it is fine to damage things and harm others for the sake of change. But that is not even close to being constitutional. The police have a hard job to do. They serve and protect the very people that are trying to sabotage them.

Elected officials are the ones that are responsible for the way law enforcement acts. The areas of violence in the country are areas that are run by the very liberals that are praising people for their violence. They are the ones that tell the police to get control of the violent protestors and then condemn the police for doing their job. Knowing full well that the liberal Democrats are the ones that started the problem in the first place.

Places like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and other places that are under attack from violent mobs are places where the Democrats rule from their secret labs. These are also places with police issues. There is not one major city under Republican control that has riot issues in the country. The facts show that the Democrats hate America and the police because of the very definition of both defies what the liberals want to see in a country ruled by anarchy.

From the very founding of America, the liberals have attacked the freedoms fought hard and long for. They attack the freedom the carry weapons, and the right to speak freely without persecution. They want to make freedom cheap by allowing illegals to flood the country. They want to stop the right to own a business and make a name for oneself because they feel it is not fair to the lazy slug looking for free handouts.

The Democrats want a socialist life for every person in the country. When President Trump won in 2016 their dream of a changed America dried up. They took to the streets trying to drum up charges of corruption and illegal activity only to find that he is a good man. Their attempts to further brainwash so-called witnesses in the impeachment parade failed because he is an upstanding man. Nothing that the Democrats want to pin on the president ever sticks because the issue is not his fault.

The fault lies in the lap of the Democrats and their host of media outlets. They stream the hatred of humanity propaganda to homes all around the country hoping to find one mind that is gullible enough to believe their socialist lies. The left seeks to brainwash people to hate the police. They tell them that they are the reasons for all the troubles in the world. Except for this time, there is a president that has revealed that the problem is not what the Democrats claim it to be. The problem is the Democratic Party that hates America and hates the people that call it home.


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