Sarah Sanders’ Upcoming Book Calls Bolton ‘Drunk On Power’ and ‘Arrogant And Selfish’

Sarah Sanders’ Upcoming Book Calls Bolton ‘Drunk On Power’ and ‘Arrogant And Selfish’

Sarah Sanders has never been shy about sharing her opinions. It’s why she’s such a beloved member of the Republican Party. She says it like it is and doesn’t hold back. With the release of John Bolton’s book, she calls him out, saying that he’s ‘drunk on power.’

As the former White House press secretary prepares to release her own book, Speaking For Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside The Trump White House, we get to see a very different story of John Bolton in comparison to the way he portrays himself within his own book.

Sanders has chosen to release a few excerpts of her book referring to John Bolton just a day before Bolton’s own book hits shelves.

Sanders included how “arrogant and selfish” Bolton could be in various instances. She mentions one particular instance where she was held up by his motorcade. Everyone on the bus discussed it not just in that moment but on “a regular basis.”

She called him out for who he was – a “classic case of a senior White House official drunk on power.” Sanders paints the picture of the motorcade. She believed that if anyone warranted a motorcade, it would have been Mnuchin. However, she explained that Mnuchin was a team player.

Sanders said that Bolton acted like he was president, including pushing agendas contrary to the one President Trump was pushing. She called him out for being someone who “ultimately betrayed America when he didn’t get his way.”

Those words have to sting, and they’re certainly not going to be good for book sales. Perhaps that’s another reason why Sanders chose the Monday before his book release to share some of those excerpts.

Her book focuses on the various goings-on in the White House, not just about John Bolton. However, it only seemed fitting that she focuses on Bolton in the lead up for his release, “The Room Where It Happened.”

It seems Sanders isn’t the only one talking about it, either. CNN reported that Bolton’s book “oozes with contempt for his old boss.” Additionally, there are various legal analysts that say that the former national security adviser may not be earning the big paycheck that he thinks he’ll earn because of having to surrender at least some of the earnings.

There are precedents in place with the Supreme Court that requires a book to go through a pre-publication review process. Anything having to do with the government, including “insider information” and military installments, it requires a review to ensure that there isn’t anything classified being published.

Bolton skipped this step. However, the book was already in the process of being published by the time the case got in front of a judge. Copies from the publisher were already going out to various reviewers.

So, since Bolton didn’t get clearance for publishing the book (and his publisher clearly didn’t care), there’s the likelihood of his money being taken away.

This isn’t some obscure law, either. Most everyone is aware of it. John Bolton should have known it. So should Simon and Schuster. They just didn’t care.

It goes back to Sarah Sanders calling him out for being selfish and arrogant. He may be so full of himself that he honestly didn’t think that the law applied to him.

While Sanders may be letting these excerpts go to downplay his book and up interest in her own, the reality is that she’s also going to cause people to go after Bolton’s book. They’ll want to know what he has to say in comparison to what she’s saying. And with Bolton’s book not being reviewed first, it will cause even more people to want to get their hands on the book to find out what classified information he may have spilled.

Even Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, a typically lowkey politician, has had to confront Bolton. Sanders writes that Mulvaney called Bolton out, saying that he’s a “f— self-righteous, self-centered son of a b—!”

Regardless of how Sanders and even Mulvaney feel about Bolton, his book is released now. Whether he gets to keep the money from writing it, however, will be another story for another time.


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