AOC’s Latest Claim: Latinos are Black

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has earned a reputation for saying what’s going through her head without taking a moment to think about the words. In light of the racism vibrating through the country against Blacks, she has decided to announce that Latinos, too, are black.

Well, that goes against virtually everything we’ve ever learned. Even the census and other demographic surveys have you check off whether you’re Caucasian, Black, or Latino. If Latinos are black, why have a separate checkbox for them?

Of course, some Latinos can be Black. It’s just like some white people can be Black. It all depends on the individual and their roots. But, blanket statements like she made are dangerous – and it makes her sound ignorant.

According to AOC in an interview on Telemundo, “I always say Latinos are black. We are Afro-Latina and we run an entire racial spectrum.”

AOC loves to make sure that the attention is turned on her and the Latino community. To say that she, and the rest of the Latino community, is “Afro-Latina” is just absurd. She also wants people to start having discussions on the “African and indigenous roots” that people come from and how it’s reflected in the systems of power and wealth inequality.

These conversations are going on right now within the Black community because of Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd. And AOC is feeling a bit left out since she’s not a part of that community.

AOC is also up for re-election this year, and her competition is a bit fierce. As such, she’s trying to turn the tables to say that Latinos are facing similar struggles to those within the black community.

How in the world does she think that this is going to work in her favor? It’s likely to spawn the same kind of anger as when someone says, “Black lives matter” and the other person responds with, “No, all lives matter.”

In an interview where the Democratic Representative talked about how the pandemic is affecting the Latino community. She spouted the statistic of how African Americans have the highest mortality rates due to COVID. However, she turned it back to her Latino community quickly to say that they’re the ones dealing with the economic brunt with the mass layoffs. She feels that the Latino community is experiencing the highest job displacement and highest unemployment rates.

While all minority communities are seeing an impact, so are others. The unemployment rate is high all around the country, especially within the service industries. Restaurants and bars and theme parks aren’t just serviced by minorities. With so many locations forced to close, countless people have had to suffer through job displacement.

Further, AOC seems to be distancing the Latino community away from African Americans when citing the statistic about the high mortality rates. Where is she in claiming that the “Afro-Latina” community is suffering? That’s not where she wants to make her emphasis.

She’s also quick to try to force the high unemployment rate found within the Latino community to the same level as the high mortality rate of the African American communities. Unemployment and death are on two entirely different levels – and if she’s after voters to keep her in her position for another four years, she may want to pause and listen to the words coming out of her mouth for a moment.

Although AOC was able to win the primary to beat out Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a former journalist, she still has to face the Republican candidate later on in the year – and that’s where AOC needs to be concerned.

AOC has not replied to requests to clarify her comment about how Latinos are part of the black community. She probably won’t, either, because now that she’s had a moment to hear those words for the craziness that they are, she won’t want to touch the topic any further. After all, it is an election year.


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