Boom! Pro-Trump Pastor Leads in Bluest US District Proving Conservatives are on a Roll

Boom! Pro-Trump Pastor Leads in Bluest US District Proving Conservatives are on a Roll

New York City has long been a Democratic stronghold. And in recent years has become a breeding ground for some of the most radical and progressive movements within the left-leaning party, hosting the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the infamous Mayor Bill de Blasio. However, this year one of its bluest districts might get quite the makeover.

New York’s 15th Congressional district is located entirely within the Bronx. In particular, it includes the southern part of the West Bronx and part of the South Bronx. It is made up of nearly 70 percent Hispanics, 28 percent blacks, and the remaining few percents being divided between whites, Asians, and Native Americans.

In 2014, the district was graded according to the Cook Partisan Voting Index and scored a D+43, making it the most Democratic prone district not only in New York City but the nation as well. As such, it has given Democratic presidential candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton some of the highest voting percentages ever recorded.

This year the district is up for grabs, as Representative Jose E Serrano is now retiring. Naturally, there are no Republican candidates for the seat. However, there is one that might be confused with one.

Enter Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr.

Diaz, while being a registered Democrat, isn’t like most of the other dozen or so contenders for the seat.

First and foremost, the man is pro-Trump, a rarity not only in the party but within New York as well. And Trump isn’t the only GOP he has rooted for in years past. Diaz also voted for Rudy Giuliani and the GOP contender to Hillary Clinton during her Senate run in the state. It was noted that over 93 percent of his district voted for Clinton later in 2016.

Secondly, as a Pentecostal pastor, he is very pro-life. In fact, he has often compared abortion to the Holocaust and was reported to have said, “murderers, assassins, and criminals are pro-choice.” It doesn’t really get any clearer than that.

And lastly, he is against same-sex marriage. Even before the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obergfell, which allowed it to be legal nationwide, Diaz was proudly known to march in protest against it.

Naturally, he hasn’t always been a favorite of Democrats, with some demanding his resignation in years past due to his opposing views. However, it seems the tides may have turned a bit.

As of a May poll by Data for Progress, a liberal think tank, Diaz was the crowd favorite by a whopping 22 percent. And recent local and state races have only confirmed his lead.

The fact has outraged his contenders, claiming that is nothing but a hypocrite who is pulling “the wool over the eyes of the constituents,” as one candidate told ABC News.

However, whatever they have to say about him and no matter how much they dread a loss to him, the fact remains that he very well could win this.

So what does that say about his could-be constituents, about his district, and about New York City as a whole? Could they be getting tired of the continual push to the left that is destroying their city from the inside out?

It certainly looks that way. Diaz wouldn’t be leading if his message and past commitments to the community weren’t hitting their mark. The fact is he has done a lot for the area, and the people know it.

As one of his opponents, Sean McElwee, admitted, “He’s not winning because voters in the district share his views about gay people and abortion. He’s winning in spite of those things.” He added, “He definitely has benefited from the fact that he’s in the community.”

At the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what just about everybody wants?

We don’t want leaders who spout off about world change, shutting down job opportunities, and identity politics. What we want is someone who has been where we are, walked those same streets, eaten at the same restaurants, and has proven time and time again that they are for us and what matters to us.

Diaz has done that.

It’s also a sign that New Yorkers might not all be as left-leaning as their party would like to believe.


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