Slackjawed Horror: Chicago Turns to Terrorists to Help with Gun Violence

Slackjawed Horror: Chicago Turns to Terrorists to Help with Gun Violence

The Chicago Democrats are blind to what the Black Lives Matter group stands for. The BLM people crossed a major line of being able to stand for needed change when their members ransack and kill people for sport. All over the country they are harassing people and destroying businesses for no reason at all. BLM may claim that they are trying to change the way people view those of color, but they have no moral center to them. Some of the people that have died at the hands of the BLM group have been African Americans. They are a group of violence and they stand for nothing good any longer.

But that is not what the Democrats see regarding the BLM. They are blind as they believe that BLM can help with gun violence in the city of Chicago. So the leaders of Chicago are turning to a domestic terror group to help them solve the gun violence in the city. This is nothing more than turning to the black market where the criminals buy guns and asking them to stop arming the criminals. It is just not going to work out the way that they expect it to.

Tio Hardiman is the executive director of Violence Interrupters. His sassy attitude states “It makes no sense to me if we continue to stand up against the system but we will not stand up in our own neighborhood. We need to really do a lot of work in our own backyard right now in order to … stem the tide of violence, gun violence [that] has taken so many lives here in Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia.” Hardiman’s stance agrees with the philosophy of violence and force to enact change. He considers himself a frontline person that stands up to the police. He acts like all of the police are the enemy.

Hardiman stated that “I’m one of the guys that was on the frontline when it came down to standing up against police brutality and excessive force. And I understand where Black Lives Matter, what they’re attempting to do. I understand that. But at the same time, we need help to do our best to stop gun violence in Chicago. The entire nation should be outraged when a three-year-old is executed on the streets of Chicago and a 13-year-old young girl was killed on the west side [of] Chicago as well.”

But they need to face the fact that their way of handling violence is against the very people that stop violence for a living. They just don’t like the way it is being handled. Not one of these so-called groups has ever thought to work with police to try and disarm violent people so the cops do not have to use stronger measures to bystanders safe when a gun is pulled. They would rather blame the police and side with the Democrats to defund them.

Hardiman showed a greedy side when he stated “Black Lives Matter, they’re raising millions and millions of dollars. We should have a meeting and see how we can actually work together in order to stem the tide of gun violence in the inner city.” It’s all about the money. Whoever has the money has the support. It is funny why murders that happen every day never draw as much attention as the death of George Floyd. The answer is that the issue is a drummed up political stunt by the Democrats.

Hardiman also noted that “I understand the need to rise up against police brutality and excessive force, I’m with that. But at the same time, we are losing too many kids due to senseless acts of gun violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit.” This would be a point of disagreement with him and the BLM. No violence is the stance of BLM. They would rather keep the cops away.

Tio Hardiman is proposing to bring the BLM into Chicago to end gun violence. He stated that “So my call to action for Black Lives Matter: We need to have a meeting so we can see how we can organize and unify together … That’s what I’m talking about. That’s my main message here today.” Something the Democrats would love to see. BLM is a domestic terror group and they should not be trusted with law enforcement since they murder innocent people when they feel like it.


15 thoughts on “Slackjawed Horror: Chicago Turns to Terrorists to Help with Gun Violence

    1. The mayor has 32% chance to be illegals driver licenses, to get their going after BLM for their vote. Guess he wants to be a new mob leader for Chicago. What little he knows,blm will take over and eliminate his dumb axx..u are the wrong color..

  1. What the Hell is Chicago’s doing ??? Rather then request Federal assistance Chicago turns to BLM thugs for help , unF****** believable!!!

  2. BLM. Is a terrorist organization that is dividing our country on the false narrative that the police are the problem. Look at Yourselves killing each other. Hundreds of black men die every year at the hands of black men , but the problem is the police ?

  3. Democrat politicians are jockeying for positions in the political world. They know that if they manage to get Dementia Joe in office they will put an end to our right to vote. They will say and do anything to get into choice positions before the axe falls. Coronavirus is the perfect catalist for radical hate groups to take over territory. Add a mayor or governor who doesn’t have the cahoonas to stop them and you have the destruction of America fro the inside out. These big dinosaur cities vote for anyone who would be dumb enough to take on the job (according to their terms.) California is a classic example. Anyone can run for governor as long as they don’t try to fix the problems.

  4. That is the final disaster for Chicago! Only Black Lives Matter with the help of Mayor Lori Lightfoot will see to it that 200,000 Chicongoans will be dead by Halloween 2020. This malignant disaster will spread in the region and begin a mass genocide to other cities and states with the help of the Democrat Marxist Party USA.

  5. When the US lets people who have never experienced any form of government other than a Socialist government it is not surprising that we now have a nation out of control. The concept of FREEDOM is something new to everyone who migrates from the Middle East. When citizens are forced to revolt for lack of food and water Mob Violence is the only way citizens can get the government’s attention in Islamic nations. If people die, then people die. Without food and water the citizens are dying a slow death anyway. Freedom is a new concept the Islamic communities across the nation fail to grasp. Add the fact that the Islamic Koran teaches that unbelievers are their enemy, then we have a riot waiting to happen. Fifty years ago, before I started voting, Socialists and Islam were considered as enemies to every US Citizen because both require US Citizens to relinquish their individual freedoms, thus the enemy of FREEDOM. As we gave Socialists and Muslims a voice their number grew, thus now the US is on the brink of losing the Individual Rights that define all US Citizens. We are becoming nations immigrants escaped from. Nations without freedoms or nations that do not give the people a voice in their government. Who are the Liberal Left? The Liberal Left is the voice of the Political Elite in the US. The Liberal Left are those who want to make every US Citizens political slaves. They will make their promises, yet will not take the steps to actually keep their promises. President Trump’s actions to help minorities is not a fluke. Past Presidents could have done what Trump is doing. What are politicians? People who make a career in politics. If they have to makes promises they can not keep, then so be it. I am reminded of what Trump told people who hate him: “What do you have to lose?”. He is telling the people that if you like what your getting then think of what you could get if Trump had the support to help him keep his promises.
    Trump is not failing the people. The Political Parties are failing the people. Now the “Never Trumpers” would rather give the nation SOCIALISM and have a nation that accepts Sharia Law than support our US Constitutions, than give Trump support in our US Congress. The US Congress is tying Trump’s hands when he wants to restore Rule of Law in America. This Rule of Law is why we have our US Constitution. This is why we call Congresspersons Lawmakers. Rule of Law is legal tool to keep US Citizens free. Rule of Law is what keeps US Citizen safe. Riots, looting, burning down businesses, and killings on our public street is why we must return to Rule of Law and stop this Political Correct BS. If you are a voter sitting on the sideline unsure of the direction politics is taking the nation, you must as one question: Will the candidate keep me free in a free nation? If you like the idea of a government ran by the Political Elite vote for Joe Biden. If you like your freedom to choose vote for Trump. “What do you have to lose?” Start with your freedom. You have a hell of a lot to lose. The Political Elite want it all.

  6. No truer words were spoken. Wake up and stand up America before it is to late. Stop the riots looting and burning of businesses. Let’s take back control of our cities and remove the radicals from office before bee wind up with one nation under socialism.

  7. There comes a time when people have to realize that politicians will not be able to preventing this great country from falling into the hands socialists hands on November 3. If you and I, the citizens of this country, do not want our children and grandchildren to live in abject poverty, then we need to engage liberal people, especial the younger generation in productive conversations. “We will never live in abject poverty” you say? As a missionary, I lived in socialistic countries, I have seen abject poverty and when disasters hit those countries, it didn’t matter that I had money in my bank account……you can’t buy food, medicine and other basic necessities that don’t exist. I knew many people who once upon a time were large land owner and their lands produced abundant crops, I know businessmen that owned business and factories that were very productive. Those farms that used to produce tons for export now produce kilos for the family and maybe for local sale. Those giant factories that were stripped from the original owners when they were exporting quantities that made their country world exports in those goods and now being offered to by back those same factories because the socialist governments have run them into the ground. All of the previous owners just laugh at the government offers and tell them, “If you will give us several hundred million dollars to repair the factories that you have destroyed, we will make them great once again, but without that it will be impossible. You have ruined our factories you stupid people!” Those are harsh words but that was and is the reality of what happens in a Socialistic country. I still make mission trips to some of those countries around the globe and it breaks my heart each time when I hear that someone has died so senselessly, because they had to wait their turn to get medical attention, or to get medicine, to get good, get dental attention for 5 year-old child whose tooth decay turned into infection and the child died from the infection. That government only provides dental care to those who can afford to pay for in – there no dental care for pre-school or school age children. Democratic Socialism is as serious as a heart attack only your children and grandchildren won’t die of a heart attack – you will die of a broken heart when you realize that I could have checked this situation out, when you realize that under Socialism the average age for death will begin to go down rather than up, the United States of America will no longer enjoy the best health care system in the world, we will no longer be the Land of the Free, Freedom of Press will no longer exist – people will come to your house to arrest you when you speak out against the government. You may or may ever be seen by your family again. “It can happen!” I would like to introduce you to thousands of my friends in Socialistic countries around the globe. Just maybe you will hear their stories – they are still living those stories that are realities!!

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