Slackjawed Horror: Chicago Turns to Terrorists to Help with Gun Violence

Slackjawed Horror: Chicago Turns to Terrorists to Help with Gun Violence

The Chicago Democrats are blind to what the Black Lives Matter group stands for. The BLM people crossed a major line of being able to stand for needed change when their members ransack and kill people for sport. All over the country they are harassing people and destroying businesses for no reason at all. BLM may claim that they are trying to change the way people view those of color, but they have no moral center to them. Some of the people that have died at the hands of the BLM group have been African Americans. They are a group of violence and they stand for nothing good any longer.

But that is not what the Democrats see regarding the BLM. They are blind as they believe that BLM can help with gun violence in the city of Chicago. So the leaders of Chicago are turning to a domestic terror group to help them solve the gun violence in the city. This is nothing more than turning to the black market where the criminals buy guns and asking them to stop arming the criminals. It is just not going to work out the way that they expect it to.

Tio Hardiman is the executive director of Violence Interrupters. His sassy attitude states “It makes no sense to me if we continue to stand up against the system but we will not stand up in our own neighborhood. We need to really do a lot of work in our own backyard right now in order to … stem the tide of violence, gun violence [that] has taken so many lives here in Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia.” Hardiman’s stance agrees with the philosophy of violence and force to enact change. He considers himself a frontline person that stands up to the police. He acts like all of the police are the enemy.

Hardiman stated that “I’m one of the guys that was on the frontline when it came down to standing up against police brutality and excessive force. And I understand where Black Lives Matter, what they’re attempting to do. I understand that. But at the same time, we need help to do our best to stop gun violence in Chicago. The entire nation should be outraged when a three-year-old is executed on the streets of Chicago and a 13-year-old young girl was killed on the west side [of] Chicago as well.”

But they need to face the fact that their way of handling violence is against the very people that stop violence for a living. They just don’t like the way it is being handled. Not one of these so-called groups has ever thought to work with police to try and disarm violent people so the cops do not have to use stronger measures to bystanders safe when a gun is pulled. They would rather blame the police and side with the Democrats to defund them.

Hardiman showed a greedy side when he stated “Black Lives Matter, they’re raising millions and millions of dollars. We should have a meeting and see how we can actually work together in order to stem the tide of gun violence in the inner city.” It’s all about the money. Whoever has the money has the support. It is funny why murders that happen every day never draw as much attention as the death of George Floyd. The answer is that the issue is a drummed up political stunt by the Democrats.

Hardiman also noted that “I understand the need to rise up against police brutality and excessive force, I’m with that. But at the same time, we are losing too many kids due to senseless acts of gun violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit.” This would be a point of disagreement with him and the BLM. No violence is the stance of BLM. They would rather keep the cops away.

Tio Hardiman is proposing to bring the BLM into Chicago to end gun violence. He stated that “So my call to action for Black Lives Matter: We need to have a meeting so we can see how we can organize and unify together … That’s what I’m talking about. That’s my main message here today.” Something the Democrats would love to see. BLM is a domestic terror group and they should not be trusted with law enforcement since they murder innocent people when they feel like it.


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