BET Founder: Black Voters Being Taken ‘For Granted’ by Dems, Time for the BLM Party

BET Founder: Black Voters Being Taken ‘For Granted’ by Dems, Time for the BLM Party

Ahh, it was only a matter of time before Black Lives Matter decided that the support of the Democratic Party was not good enough for them. BET founder, Robert Johnson, cites that the Democrats are taking black voters “for granted.” His solution? BLM should form their own party.

Johnson is urging Black Lives Matter to form a third party so that their interests can be properly fought for. Except, is it really a third party when there are already so many other parties out there?

What Johnson and the rest of BLM might not realize is that the country is founded on a two-party system: Republicans and Democrats. If they don’t want to be a part of one of those two systems, they’ll fall into the obscurities of the other parties out there – and there are over a dozen of them.

There’s the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Alliance Party, and the list goes on and on.

That being said, they may decide that they’re the exception to the rule and could actually garner enough votes beyond the two most popular parties.

Sure, go for it. More votes away from the Dems only help Trump’s re-election.

Biden’s latest comment about “you’re not black” if you’re going to vote for Trump angered Johnson. His comment to Fox News about Biden was that “To have that mindset, you must have the attitude that we, black Americans, we own you. We can take you for granted … That, to me, shows you that black Americans are an appendage of a party.”

Kudos to Joe for always knowing just what to say. Although Biden has apologized for the comments made with Charlamagne Tha God in a May interview, Johnson questions whether Biden believes that African Americans are entitled to equality within the Democratic Party.

The question really becomes, does Johnson have enough pull to get the Black Lives Movement to make such a political statement as creating another political party? Well, Johnson, as the founder of BET, is the first black billionaire in the U.S. He also says he’s never seen such a strong group as BLM since the civil rights movement.

He’s not on full board with the BLM, though. He calls the idea of defunding the police “silly” and says that those toppling statues around the country are “borderline anarchists.”

Meanwhile, he is in favor of slavery reparations payments to African Americans to the tune of $14 trillion. How that would even begin to work is unknown, and it’s something he’ll probably be holding his breath for a long time.

Johnson is a realist, though. He knows that it’s too close to the 2020 election to make a move now. So, perhaps, the BLM party can be in place by 2024.

As for who Johnson will vote for in 2020? He said that he’s undecided. He considers himself to be a lifelong Democrat, but it’s clear as to how he feels about Biden. He has given Trump high praise for boosting black employment and how the economy has been handled. In comparison to what Johnson has said about Biden feeling as though he has the black vote in his back pocket, he had this to say about Trump: “He took on one of the biggest issues facing African-Americans — unemployment, and therefore lack of income and therefore the wealth gap. He addressed that and put a lot of African Americans to work and in a way that was more historic than it’s ever been. And I applauded him.”

He won’t feel pigeon-holed to always vote Democrat. As to what Black Lives Matter executives feel about forming a third party, they haven’t said. However, with the power-hungry attitudes they have and their desire to change the way the country operates, it’s only a matter of time before they take Johnson’s advice and take a more political approach to their plans of destruction.


16 thoughts on “BET Founder: Black Voters Being Taken ‘For Granted’ by Dems, Time for the BLM Party

  1. Hell no ,we dont need a racial party running the country..only black lives matter is what they believe..its bad enough, we have a demrats party ,wants to take america in the way of china..

  2. Why do blacks think their lives matter any more than any one else. More whites get killed by cops than blacks. If you are not a criminal you have nothing top worry about as long as you obey the police, it’s that simple.

    1. Agree! I was stopped by a police officer for speeding. I stopped realized that my speedometer was not working. Anyway, stopped apologized to the officer kept my hands where they can be seen and knew i was wrong. He asked for my DR. License show it to him. He handed back to me and said okay fair warning next time i will give you a ticket. I said thank you sir, he said have a good day. So what the F. is so hard for these blacks, that they can’t obey the law, if you’re wrong admit it! Dam you BLM!! If you don’t like it here go back to Africa. PERIOD!!

      1. Great post Lauren. I had a similar experience some years ago. My wife and I had visited our family in north Georgia and were on our way home in south Georgia (where I worked). For most of the trip I was on an Interstate highway where the speed limit was 70 mph, but, for the last 50 miles or so, I was on a US Highway where the speed limit was only 55 mph. However, the day was sunny, warm, with very little traffic and I guess my foot got heavy. Anyway, I saw the blue light behind me and immediately pulled over, rolled down my window and put my hands where the officer could see them. He looked in my car and saw my wife and I were wearing seat belts then his first question threw me for a loop. He asked, “heading for church”? (It was a Sunday afternoon and I figured that added up to about a $150 fine). I explained where we had been and where we were headed. He then checked my drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance. He then asked me if I could keep within the speed limit the rest of the way home and I assured him that i not only could but that I would. He gave be a warning ticket and let me go. I often wonder how this would have turned out differently had I tried to argue with the officer or been uncooperative. In this case it is much better to wonder than to know.

  3. Looks like all the pseudo-intellectuals peering out from their belly buttons these days sorta forgot “black lives matter” is a MARXIST organization whose mandate is the replacement of America’s constitution with the Communist manifesto.

  4. I’m ready for a FEDERAL PRISON named for BLM occupancy SERVING a STIFF FEDERAL PRISON SENTENCE for this COMMUNIST Marxist group as per the U.S. Constitution.

  5. Ha — half the SOB’s running amuck in the streets wouldn’t be able to find a “VOTING BOTH” let alone read how to vote with a pencil or pen – BIX X’s are out these days – to many ILLEGALS would screw that up !!;-(

  6. It has been clear to every US Citizen who is a Registered Democrat that the Black Community has never been able to understand that all the Democrat Party wants is their votes. They have been physical slaves until Lincoln gave his speech to free all slaves, yet they became political slaves after the Civil War. The Democrat Party of slavery has always exploited Blacks in America. Without a good education Blacks were never a threat when it came to the survival of Blacks in America. The Democrat Party introduced the Welfare Dependence to all Blacks. This is why generations of Blacks in America stay under the umbrella of Welfare.
    If a person can survive under Welfare, why work? The Republican Party (that fought for equal justice under Rule of Law) has never expected a Black person to vote Republican because they have always been seen as the Party of Business. Only Blacks with a business knows it takes money to pay for labor, thus if they have a business it makes sense to support Business rights and vote Republican. President Trump has opened the business flood gates by giving Blacks the ability to succeed in America. No Republican of our past would ever ask Blacks in America “What do you have to lose?”. It took a White Businessman to ask Blacks to stand up and be heard. Why do Blacks in America claim Trump is a Racist? Because they still see all Whites as their enemy. Where do they hear of Trump’s Racism? From Democrat Leadership. As long a Blacks hate Trump, he will never get the vote fro Black citizens. It is a shame, because Blacks in America never fully understand what it means to be a US Citizens. When Blacks citizens see themselves as more than just Black all this Racist BS would end. President Trump may be outspoken, sometimes a arrogant White Billionaire Businessman, but speaking the truth does not make him a Racist. Don’t just listen to his words, look at his accomplishments. Obama had his chance to do what Trump is doing for minorities, but he blew his chance. In less than four years, Trump has done more for minorities in the last fifty years.

    1. Obama, was only after being in charge of our America. He is not even an America citizen, he is from Kenya and a Muslim Barrack Hosien Obama born in some god forsaken place in Kenya. The Democrats would put any baboon in the WH just so their party would be in power. Now we are having the sick fallout from that 8 effing years of his shit!! This not our United States, lets take it back. NO MORE OBAMAS. PERIOD!!!

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