Terrorist Group Plans Acid Attacks at DC Rally, Goal is to Blind Attendees

Terrorist Group Plans Acid Attacks at DC Rally, Goal is to Blind Attendees

There are a lot of unhappy people marching around destroying things of importance in America. They are brainwashed, Democratic loving, liberals that have no concept of the cost that has given the freedom to act like a bunch of insane people. Men and women have given their lives to protect the freedoms that all Americans enjoy.

The monuments of the people that the rioters are destroying are set up to keep people from forgetting the high cost of freedom. And now it seems that members of the anti-American group Antifa are taking things to a new level as they use acid to hurt people with.

the planning of a rally in Washington D.C. this coming week Antifa has threatened to purposely hurt people and to draw blood. Their targets are anyone that disagrees with them or stands in their way. Their method of attack will involve what one sick Antifa person stated as “We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons.”

Their intent is to throw balloons full of acid in the faces of people at the rally. The rallies organizer is Enrique Tarrio and he is concerned about the threats of Antifa. He has asked for additional security for everyone that plans to attend.

Tarrio has alluded that “the threat is especially dangerous due to the use of wax.  Muriatic acid can be purchased in virtually any pool store or home improvement store and is already dangerous on its own with the ability to cause minor burns. It can quickly be washed off with water.

By combining the muriatic acid with wax, it will immediately form a film similar to candle wax on the injured person’s skin.” Antifa is planning on attacking peaceful civilians.

Some of the Antifa members are posting things such as “How’s DC coming along? Cant fight if you cant see. I want to blind as many of you c— suckers as possible. A nice balloon filled with Muriatic acid, covered in wax will so do the job.”

These are purposeful threats of violence that are designed to instill fear into the hearts of people. Antifa is being branded as a domestic terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security. They are the one group that seems to be the most violent towards people in the country.

The sad part of Antifa is that they are a part of the communities that they intend to hurt. They wear dark masks, so they are not identified. They will return to work the next day like nothing ever happened. Antifa is so violent that they are willing to take on local law enforcement with weapons that rival those of the police. But what does not help the issue is the fact that the Democrats are willing to support and even fund such groups.

The mayor of Portland is one such person. His unwillingness to engage Antifa and stop the violence sweeping through his city is nothing short of supporting them. When Antifa showed up and violated people’s rights, the mayor coward in fear. He has a hands-off approach when dealing with violence which only boldens them to do more.

He stated “This is the story of Goldilocks and the two bears. The porridge is either too hot or it’s too cold. At any given moment in this city, the police are criticized for being heavy-handed and intervening too quickly, or they’re being criticized for being standoffish and not intervening quickly enough.” As a Democrat, he will not engage Antifa because he likes what they are doing.

The Country Sheriff had to step in and engage as the city cops were told not to interfere. Sheriff Craig Roberts from the county stated “Where were the cops when all this was taking place? As soon as you get word that a mob of people clad in black with masks covering their faces have shown up and are heading for a showdown with the Proud Boys, how do you not call in every available officer and get them on the scene? This was an obvious Antifa mob and Portland has plenty of experience with them. Were they ordered to stand down or did they simply not take the threat seriously?”

It is time for Antifa to pay for their crimes. Once they start their attack next week, the president will surely respond. He has already branded them as terrorists. And he will deal with them like they are.


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