Irish Lives Matter…Where are the Protesters?

Irish Lives Matter…Where are the Protesters?

As the “Black Lives Matter” movement chaotically sweeps across America, leaving a trail of destruction in its path, their fan club, consisting of people of all races, eggs them on. They claim the group has every right to loot, burn, and pillage over the horrendous treatment they were subjected to 200 years ago before any of us today were even alive.

Be this as it may, once “BLM” tires of their needless destructive activities, which they will, they need to step aside and make way for a new wave of protesters who have just as much of a right to be pissed-off at the world as they think they do. And they won’t be people of color.

In fact, some of them will have red hair, freckles, and pale-white skin that easily burns in the sun. But even though this group of people has just as much of a right, if not more, to dredge up a history they had no part of, they won’t. They’ll leave the past where it rightfully belongs.

The disease-ridden dirt-poor Irish refugees were not welcome in America. They were viewed as the lowest of the low and were treated as such. They came from a strange faraway land and were considered a curse.

These aliens practiced a strange form of religion. They were considered to be thieves, rapists, and murderers. They were going to strain the countries budget by hopping on the welfare train, and those who chose to work were going to steal American jobs.

Living under British rule in their native land, the small plots of land they were doled out were good for one thing and one thing only. Growing potatoes. Because they exported their crops around the world, many of them did fairly well. Until…

Around 1845 their crops began to scorch as the nutrients in the soil were used up by previous years crops. As their finances were depleted they began keeping what little they could produce for their own need.

During this period of time, the average Irishman consumed 14-pounds of potatoes per day, while women swallowed around 11.2 pounds. It was all they had.

The famine lasted for seven years. Typhus, dysentery, tuberculosis, and cholera became commonplace as bodies were continuously carted off to mass grave sites.

To make matters worse, the British whose rule they lived under, would not allow them to vote, own land, horses, or guns, and they were forbidden to practice their Catholic religion.

Because of the horrid conditions in which they were forced to live, over two-million Irish, only trying to survive, set sail for the new world known as America in hopes of finding better lives. But it didn’t quite happen the way they had anticipated.

Some of them used every cent they had for passage aboard crowded and cramped vessels, while others were funded by their British landlords as a means of getting rid of these vermin once and for all. Ironically, just as it is today, the British were accused of not sending their best people.

The new immigrants accepted low paying menial jobs which many times involved danger. Reputable employees hung signs saying “No Irish need apply.”

Though the term “indentured servant” sounded much nicer, many of them became slaves. They were housed and fed, but any income they should have received was considered payment for the meager provisions they were given. There was no way out, and they had it even worse than where they had come from.

Even as the Irish began to gain citizenship, they were not allowed to vote until they had been in America for 21-years. It was the epitome of what people today call “voter suppression.”

In 1854, an enraged mob who feared Irish Catholicism dragged a Jesuit priest into the street where he was tarred, feathered, and set ablaze. In 1855 more violence erupted in Louisville, Kentucky when a group of Irish approached a heavily guarded polling station. Between 20 and 100 of the Irish were ruthlessly attacked and killed while their homes were being torched. Known as “Bloody Monday,” no one was ever prosecuted.

As with Black slavery, history finally paved the way for the Irish to integrate into American society and be extended the equal rights they deserved, but not before these immigrants paid the horrid dues they should never have been charged.

But the Irish aren’t holding grudges against the descendants of people they never knew from a different time and era. Not one person alive today is guilty of anything that happened in the past, and they have the good sense to realize this. The past is always going to be the past. We learn from it, and we move forward.

Black Lives Matter, however, can’t come to grips with this logic. They think society still owes them for the sins of long ago, even though the entire scenario was brought to an end via a bloody civil war fought on their behalf. It was white people who fought and died for the freedoms and equality they have today.

The Irish hold no animosity towards anyone. What’s over is over. Unfortunately, as long as BLM keeps stirring up history, it’ll never end…and it’s foolish, to say the least.


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