Will Ghislaine Maxwell Make it to Her Trial, or Will She Meet Epstein’s Fate?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell Make it to Her Trial, or Will She Meet Epstein’s Fate?

All eyes are on Ghislaine Maxwell as the world anxiously waits for her to spill the beans in exchange for a possible plea bargain. Who will she name?

As the former pedophile pimp for the rich and famous sits in a musty jail cell awaiting her well-earned trial, she has little motive to protect her former boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, who many say didn’t really kill himself, yet still lies six-feet under just the same.

We’ve seen photos of the former Madam with dignitaries, politicians, famous actors, and even British royalty. But her allegiance has always been to Epstein, and the elite’s who financed her wealth was merely customers, or if one prefers, “johns,” with fetishes for underaged girls as young as 13-years-old. Perhaps “perverts” might be an even better term.

Up until the time of Maxwell’s arrest, she remained elusive with only an occasional spotting here and there from a bystander who happened to notice her. The FBI has been hot on her trail and finally caught up with her in New Hampshire where her arrest was made.

One has to assume she was not only eluding the police, but also those who might think she would better suit their needs if she were no longer breathing. Dead people tell no tales.

During the arrest, the FBI discovered three fake passports Maxwell had bought for cash in December 2019. The indictment, a full 17-pages, charges her with two counts of perjury and four counts of pimping out young female children. She’s being held without bail.

If convicted, which she will be, Maxwell is looking at 35-years in the pokey. If she lives to the ripe old age of 93, she’ll be set free. But given her history, let’s assume she’ll die in prison before she ever goes to trial.

Up until the time of Epstein’s death, Maxwell was able to avoid prosecution thanks to a deal her ex-boyfriend and boss miraculously struck in 2007 with Southern District of Florida U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, who later resigned his position as Labor Secretay, allowing Epstein to walk free. The young victims of the forced prostitution ring were never informed.

Another suspicious event in 2011 was carried out by the offices of Cy Vance, Jr., where it was decided Epstein need not register as a sex offender in New York, despite him owning multiple homes, multiple planes, multiple passports, and having multiple victims who were willing to see his head on a chopping block.

As a reminder, Vance was an elitist attorney in Manhattan who failed to prosecute the Trump kids on a potential fraud case, and shortly after received a sizable donation from their lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.

The New York Times had this to say, “Police later became certain Vance’s office was working to derail their investigation, leading the commander of the NYPD’s special victims division, Michael Osgood, to confine knowledge of the case by keeping it off the department’s computer system.” Another big donor to Vance just happened to be Harvey Weinstein’s attorney.

In 2018 Vance lied to Buzzfeed when he said, “I frankly was not aware of the extent to which workplace sexual violence existed, and perhaps I should have been.”

It’s easy to see why Maxwell’s upcoming trial will be so interesting. It was her who made all of the arrangements between her stable of girls and her clients. It was her who furnished the young girls to these men of power, and it is she who could start naming them one by one, which she will probably do rather than dying in prison.

She is currently being protected in solitary confinement the exact same way Epstein was. Bill Barr was granted a visit which in itself is a bit suspicious, and with all certainty, Hillary Clinton would love to be extended the same courtesy.

The chips are going to fall where they may if Maxwell starts blabbing. We can only hope at this point that she isn’t found hanging in her cell before she gets her chance to spill the beans. Buckle up, kiddos.


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