Boom! Atlanta’s Pro-Protester Mayor Tests Positive

Boom! Atlanta’s Pro-Protester Mayor Tests Positive

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta’s mayor, has been allowing the city to run amok. Protests have been happening all around, and she has done nothing to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, the number of COVID cases has been climbing not only in Atlanta but all over the state.

The mayor, who is also on the shortlist to become Joe Biden’s pick for VP, has tested positive for COVID-19. She just announced it on Twitter, saying that it has “literally hit home.”

Perhaps it was the protesters. Perhaps it was a grocery run. Perhaps it was just karma.

Bottoms has said that she has no symptoms. The reason she got tested was that she found that her husband was sleeping a lot more – a common symptom of the virus. The only thing she has is a headache and a mild cough.

The mayor seems to have finally had an epiphany about the virus now that she and her husband have tested positive. Listening to all of the health officials talk about how contagious it is never hit home with her, apparently.

“It leaves me for a loss of words because I think it really speaks to how contagious this virus is and we’ve taken all the precautions you can possibly take.”

She’s not willing to admit that she hasn’t taken all of the precautions that can be possibly taken. She’s setting a bad example within the city because she won’t own up to the fact that she wasn’t sitting at home. She wasn’t social distancing.

She has called for the protesters to clear out and “go home” but she hasn’t actually done anything about it. Words aren’t enough. And an 8-year-old girl has since been killed because of the violent protests.

The mayor has tested positive and she wasn’t out in the streets, surrounded by the protesters. So, if she can test positive by, in her eyes, taking all precautions, what hope is there that those protesters aren’t testing positive, too?

If Keisha Lance Bottoms wants to have a chance of being chosen as VP, she has to get her city under control – and it’s a hot mess right now. The protesters aren’t listening to her. They’re continuing on. Until she gets the police and/or the National Guard to clear out her city, there will only be more violence and more destruction.

With her testing positive for the virus, perhaps she’ll do even more to lock the city down.  She has criticized the governor for reopening the economy across the state too soon, but maybe she can get him to listen, now.

At this point, she’s doing what she can. If the governor won’t listen, she’s limited to what she can do. She says, “I do have the right to use my voice to encourage people to exercise common sense, listen to the science, follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and stay home, if at all possible.”

The question really becomes, was she taking her own advice? Was she exercising common sense? Was she staying at home? She was exposed to the coronavirus somehow, and it can’t possibly help her case right now.

A mayor is supposed to be the person that everyone turns to as the model citizen. Her city has made national headlines because of the amount of violence. Then, amidst it all, she has to come forward and say that she has tested positive for COVID-19. This can’t possibly help her – and it really calls into question what’s going on in the city if the mayor herself, who claims she’s been safe, has now been exposed.

This little “oops” of hers may cost her the VP slot for Biden’s campaign. It may also set her back a bit in terms of getting her city under control. Apparently sitting back and telling everyone to go home isn’t going to get the job done.


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