Fauci is Out of the Public Eye…Here are the Specific Reasons Why Trump Made the Right Call

Fauci is Out of the Public Eye…Here are the Specific Reasons Why Trump Made the Right Call

To the horror of liberals everywhere, Donald Trump stated how America’s top infectious control guru has been wrong on many occasions. It was a bold statement to make, but not one that holds any falsehood.

As Dr. Fauci’s presence has gradually faded from the spotlight, Dems are fabricating over-the-top conspiracy theories in their continuing efforts to topple Trump. Since they cannot legitimately do this, they’ve created fairytale illusions designed to work their base into foam at the mouth frenzy. And the never-Trump crowd is swallowing every word, hook, line, and sinker.

But the right has cold hard facts of why we are not seeing or hearing from the good Doctor who should probably take his own cognitive test. Trump aced his.

Fauci claims he warned Trump back in January of the peril America was about to face head-on. This is hard to believe though since also in January, he told Newsmax the U.S. had nothing to worry about concerning Covid-19. He shrugged the disease off as not being a major threat.

Fauci issued a stern warning about how the Coronavirus could have an apocalyptic effect, virtually annihilating our population. Several weeks after scaring the dickens out of our nation, he backtracked by comparing the virus to catching a bad case of the flu.

Fauci’s wild predictions of how the disease would ravish everyone in its path were based on models used by other countries which were proven to be incredibly off the mark. To cover his tracks Fauci later said, “You can’t really rely on models.” But this is exactly what he had done.

As the President touted the use of hydroxychloroquine to be an effective medicine for battling the disease, which has now been proven correct, Dr. Fauci called him out on it. “You got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective.’ It was never done in a clinical trial… It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”

A short two weeks later, 6000 Doctors worldwide verified that hydroxychloroquine was indeed one of the most effective drugs for treating Covid-19. That’s 6000 infectious control experts versus, one.

First, Dr. Fauci stated that between 1 million and 2 million American’s would lose their lives. This, of course, sent America into panic mode. Then he changed his prediction to between 1,00,000 and 200,000. A vast difference. Citizens who were already hiding in their basements started resurfacing since the odds were now much better.

In March, Fauci said anyone who wants to take a cruise would be okay to do so. Ask cruisegoers who took his advice the way they feel about him now.

He also told Trump he should have shut the economy down way back in February when there only 100 cases nationwide. The Doctor later rescinded his statement, admitting he had been wrong.

In Fauci’s opinion, malls, movie theaters, and gyms were perfectly fine places to visit. It was later determined that these three outlets were germ-infested locations that nobody should go to. They were then shut down, but to what avail? The damage was already done.

By putting his faith in the World Health Organization, Fauci convinced Trump to shut America down, lock, stock, and barrel. This action inevitably paralyzed America. It also prevented herd immunity from taking its rightful place in the natural creation of immunity. We are still suffering as a result.

Now the Doctor is crying on various news sites about schools reopening as he attempts to propel us back into the panic mode he falsely put us through in the all too recent past. Is it any wonder why so many Americans with school-aged children are not listening to a word the man says? Fool us once…as the saying goes.

This article could easily continue, but by now the light bulb should be glowing brightly. This is why Doctor Fauci got the presidential boot. It was the best thing to do in the interest of the public.

We can rely on our President to make certain we only receive the best and most accurate information available. He will not tolerate anything less.

The next time a liberal tries to argue about Fauci’s removal. Don’t argue back. Just send them this article. They’ll have no defense.


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