Calm Down! Masks are for When You Can NOT Social Distance

Calm Down! Masks are for When You Can NOT Social Distance

The Dems and their mask shaming is getting crazy. They want everyone to wear a mask everywhere. They’re the ones driving down the freeway wearing a mask when they’re in their cars – when no one else is around.

At some point, they have to read the actual rules. You know, the rules that say the masks need to be worn when social distancing is not possible.

The latest outrage from the Dems is when Ted Cruz flew on a commercial flight and…hold your breath…he was photographed without a mask.

Now, politicians are no different than the rest of us. They have to follow the same rules. When Ted Cruz flew over the weekend, someone snapped a photo of him sitting on a plane, in an empty row, without a mask.

Considering that there weren’t countless other photos of an unmasked Cruz, it is safe to assume a few things. He followed mask protocol throughout the airport. He wore his mask while going through the TSA security checkpoint. He probably also wore his mask while everyone was getting onto the plane.

Ted Cruz flew on American Airlines. They have a protocol that involves wearing a mask – unless you’re eating or drinking. The photo that was shared on Twitter shows him with a cup of coffee in his hand. Why is it so difficult to understand, then, that he took off his mask in order to enjoy a cup of coffee?

Dems want to point out that, gasp, there’s no mask in sight. It’s as if they’re looking for a problem. The photo shows a photo from the side. There’s no way to know what’s on the other side of Ted Cruz. Everyone who wants to criticize Cruz would probably be disappointed to find out that his mask was sitting next to him.

Notice how the Dems want to jump to the worst-case scenario? They want to shame without having any of the facts.

Ted Cruz, like anyone else on the plane, wants to enjoy his cup of coffee. Was he supposed to take a sip, put on his mask for a few breaths, then take his mask off for another sip? Of course not! And to assume otherwise is just ridiculous – which is what the Dems are doing for even making this into an issue.

American Airlines has reaffirmed that they follow protocol for all of their guests, including those in Congress. If Ted Cruz was not wearing a mask once he ditched his cup of coffee, then he would have been out of compliance.

Meanwhile, the Dems want to do more than shame. They cannot even be decent human beings about it. Some tweets even “hoped” that Cruz would be COVID-19 positive within the next two weeks for daring to drink coffee while not wearing a mask.

See, it’s hard for the Dems to realize that he was social distancing. Experts have weighed in to say that Cruz was not at risk of catching the virus – nor was anyone else near him because he was at least six feet away from the next passenger.

Dems are the ones walking down the street, alone, wearing their masks. They’re the ones walking through Target with their masks under their chins while sipping their Starbucks. Dems assume they are being compliant simply because they’re wearing the masks – even though those like Nancy Pelosi need a lesson on how to wear a mask properly to cover both the nose and mouth.

It’s clear that the Dems were bored on Sunday when the photo was taken. There are even some that have identified this as the “contempt the GOP has for America.” Wow. Who knew Cruz choosing not to wear a mask while drinking coffee on a plane where he had a row all to himself held such power.

If only the Dems put as much effort into cleaning up their cities as they do mask shaming…


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