Pelosi Blames Trump for Not Hating America as Much as She Does

Pelosi Blames Trump for Not Hating America as Much as She Does

Ugh, why can’t Trump hate America? Wouldn’t that make it so much easier for the Dems to do their job and destroy the United States as we know it? They’re working so hard to be as corrupt as they can manage, but it seems that President Trump won’t allow the corruption to go as far as they need it to go.

Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. She spews hatred of the country. She blindly accuses the President. And she allows the protesters to control more and more of what goes on.

She has already stood idly by while Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroyed statues and monuments. Now, she’s defending them with the Constitution.

Pelosi has drawn a line in the sand. She stands on the side with the terrorists. And, she’s frustrated with Trump because he refuses to get on board with terrorism. She thinks he’s crazy for not wanting to allow Antifa to destroy our country. How dare he try to defend the country instead of allowing it to be torn apart.

Pelosi has managed to spin the news, too.  There are “unidentified stormtroopers” entering Portland and “kidnapping” the protesters according to the Speaker of the House’s tweets.

Poor Pelosi must have caught that dementia bug from Biden. Those “stormtroopers” are the Department of Homeland Security and the “kidnapping” is also known as arresting because the protesters have been breaking the law.

If she thinks that the only reason that the Department of Homeland Security is in Portland is to take care of some graffiti artists, she should probably be admitted to a psych ward right now. Clearly, she’s unfit to be in a position of power because she is not in her right mind.

She sent a tweet to say that “Trump and his stormtroopers must be stopped.”

So, the Speaker of the House is making a mass cry to stop the president. She’s also against the Department of Homeland Security.

Nancy Pelosi has chosen to side with the terrorists. She wants to blame Trump for being a bully. Oh, poor Portland. All these terrorists want is to commit some crimes and go on a murdering spree. How dare the federal government get involved in all of this violent anarchy? How could Trump dare to do such a thing?

Pelosi wants to sit in her posh office in DC and look at what’s happening in Portland without getting her hands dirty. She calls it one-sided violence. She believes that the feds are the only ones being violent – yet Mayor Wheeler has allowed the city to run amok for over 50 days. He has allowed the protesters to violently tear apart the city – including state and federal buildings. He’s out of control. She’s out of control. It’s up to the federal government to do something – otherwise, the people and businesses of Portland will continue to be in danger.

Who cares about danger, though, right? The Dems want to show off that they have everyone’s best interests at heart. Meanwhile, the tweets that Pelosi has been firing off tell you everything you need to know – she’s mad at Trump for not hating America. She claims that the feds are his “secret police” and that the government is not acting respectably. She may want to check her job title. She, too, is a part of the government – and so if she doesn’t like her behavior, she may want to change things around.

Perhaps a civil war wouldn’t be so bad. All of the liberals can get out of the United States. They can secede in order to live in their anarchist ways. It will only be a matter of time before they turn on each other, canceling one another out. Then, they’ll see how ridiculous their ideas have been.

Meanwhile, we just have to deal with Pelosi turning her back on law and order.


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