Restaurant Owner Defies Lockdown and Discourages Masks

Restaurant Owner Defies Lockdown and Discourages Masks

Democrats all over the country are panicking again over the spike in outbreaks related to COVID-19. What they don’t realize is that the spike was foreseen and should not alarm them as cities and states begin to open up. The number of infected people will decline as the rest of the isolated population is exposed to the virus. Their panic attack is reactionary and politically based to create an environment that is not favorable to President Trump. Their attempt to turn the countryside into a war zone is to make the president look bad before the November election.

People are fighting back. They are sick and tired of being told to wear masks or stay away from public areas. The fear and worry that liberals are pushing through the media are designed to create chaos and divide people over the right course of action. Democrats use reports that are developed by sources showing increases in certain sections of the infection rate. What they are not showing now is the super low death rate of the virus. They just silently have brushed it under the rug hoping that people will focus on the sick and not the death rate because it kills their arguments about how they believe COVID-19 is still bad.

A restaurant in California is telling people that they do not have to wear masks while eating inside. Their decision to get back to normal is alarming the fearful whoremongers that believe the lies of the Democrats. The restaurant is said to have told people to remove masks. Apple Bistro is the restaurant that is coming under fire. They are located in Placerville, California. A sign in their window discourages people from wearing a mask while inside the establishment. People that go by are complaining that the sign is there. But it is the restaurant’s right to post anything they want in their windows.

The premise behind the signage is to keep the harmful effects of such people out of their restaurant. Somewhere along the line, the owner of the place realized the danger of dirty gloves and masks being left around. More signage read “No social conditioning. No oxygen deprivation mask. No latex dirty germ spreader. This may not be for you.” If a place can refuse service of people not wearing masks and gloves, then it stands to reason that others can deny service to those that wear them.

One poor baby stated on social media that “I was just asked to leave this café when I went in to grab an apple pie. Why? Because I was wearing a mask. We stop almost every time we come up to the cabin. We will never stop there again.” That is their right to not eat there again, just as it is the right of the restaurant to deny service to them. But liberal critics fearful of breathing air want conformity to their rules. After all, when socialism is put into place conformity will be enforced under pain of death by the ruling Democrats.

What is not being said by the fearful side is that the restaurant is still asking people to social distance. But they have had enough of the propaganda coming from the media. One customer in support of the place stated that the signs did not bother them as it is their right to post what they want. The person wrote “I have no problem. I’m glad to see them still doing business and they are social distancing.” The same supporter has also noted that the news seems to be pushing another fake news story because they do not have all the facts. She stated that “When I ate there about a week ago, there were people there with masks on.”

The owner has stated that they do not agree with the rules that the Democrats are pushing on people. Newsom simply is pushing his fear on people because a few more cases of COVID-19 rang the doorbell. Shutdown the testing and the fear goes away. The County supervisor of El Dorado Country, where the restaurant is located, stated “I don’t want to drive them out of business. I don’t want to over-regulate, but I do want to do as much as we can to help them get in the right posture, operating processes.” His statement should include that he will not mandate such things on people then. But the county is now looking at pulling their license for not conforming to the rules.


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