Cracking Down on Murder While Chicago Mayor Sleeps – And the One Thing the Media Won’t Talk About

Cracking Down on Murder While Chicago Mayor Sleeps – And the One Thing the Media Won’t Talk About

As the Democratic induced crime wave continues to grow, the president is moving federal agents into each area to restore the peace that escapes liberal rule. Portland was the first city to receive help from the federal government to stop the rise in violent crimes from the Black Lives Matter group. And now Chicago is on the radar to receive 150 agents that will work next to local police to stop the murders that are tearing the city to pieces.

Democratic leadership in Chicago refuses to provide law enforcement with the funds and tools they need to get a grip on the rioters and their murderous actions. Mayor Lori Lightfoot hates the notion that t Republican president had to step in and do what was needed to restore the peace. Lightfoot simply refuses to do what needs to be done to silence the rioters and criminals that are running around Chicago.

Homeland Security agents are getting their workout as they track down and put a stop to the crime playing out in Chicago. Thousands of people have been killed in Chicago in the past few years and that number just keeps getting larger. One report showed that “For the calendar year 2020, shootings in the Democrat-run city are up 46%, and homicides have risen 48%. As of July 19, 402 murders have been recorded. To make matters worse, children are dying at a heartbreaking rate. Just since Memorial Day, 111 kids ages 12-17 have been murdered, and another 20 under the age of 11 have been killed.”

These are kids that will never see their next birthday or have Christmas with their families again. Their murderers saw to it to place them in a cold-hard coffin for eternity. Black Lives Matter freaks push to defund the police, which is leading to the rise in crime. But the sad part is that BLM is no longer pushing their cause since 147 people of color have been killed in Chicago since May 25. They no longer care.

What is playing out on the streets of Chicago is a chaotic war between people that desire to kill. The Democrats push the racial divide too much that liberals believe that slavery and oppression still exist today. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated that Lightfoot is “derelict” when it comes to protecting the people of Chicago. She is neglecting her duty. She would rather see the violence continue so she can at some point claim victory when the numbers start to fall.

But now that the president is involved her chance of a victory just got snatched up by what she thinks is her enemy. Like a good Democrat, Lightfoot cried about having the truth told about her actions. She whined like a hungry dog that McEnany should keep her mouth shut. Lightfoot acts like she is elementary school calling out McEnany for a fight behind the bus.

Poor Lightfoot just cannot seem to get her act together. Her guardian, President Trump, has to come and do her job for her. It has to be humiliating for a Democrat to lose control of their city and have their hated president come and clean up after them. Lightfoot is not in support of any outside help to stop the violence. Instead, she would rather reduce the police force and hand Chicago over to a rising crime rate.

Lightfoot stated that “We don’t need federal agents without any insignia taking people off the streets and holding them, I think, unlawfully.” Unlawful detainment is what she sees in arresting murderers. She would rather let them run around and continue to kill people. Lightfoot is a mayor that does not deserve to lead a great city like Chicago.

It is time for her to call it quits before she loses her position to a more deserving leader within the Republican Party. President Trump has done what he promised he would do if the liberals could not restore peace. He sent the federal agents into battle and it is making a difference. President Trump is set to have a landslide win because he is an honest man doing an amazing job as president.


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