NBA’s Mark Cuban Calls Ted Cruz a Coward…Cruz Ruins His Day

Mark Cuban is used to getting his way about, well, pretty much everything. As the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and one of the most famous panelists from “Shark Tank,” Cuban is quite literally rolling in money and fame. And as such, he’s probably not all that accustomed to people telling him things he doesn’t like.

And that makes this a particularly bad week for him, as it has happened not once but twice and it’s only Tuesday.

The first took place on Sunday evening when he appeared for a segment of Fox News Sunday with famous NFL great Herschel Walker.

Naturally, the two talked about their opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement that seems never-ending at the moment.

Cuban said that as a member of the NBA, he believed that the league was doing good in supporting the movement. “This is important to our players and important to the fans, but most importantly it’s important to the United States of America that we address these sensitive issues and try to help end systematic racism.”

And as Walker, who is black, responded, that Cuban, who is white, is right, at least to some degree. But does he even know what he is really doing?

Walker said, “Mark is totally correct. We have to address it but you don’t address it by saying ‘we will do it,’ without knowing what it is you are doing. Not to question you, Mark, but do you know what the organization stands for? Besides saying ‘black lives matter.’ Because I say one of the things we have to address is Americans’ lives matter.”

Walker is alluding here to the fact that BLM, no matter what they claim to be all about, has some pretty, not so admirable ties and qualities. Such as their penchant for violence, their roots in Marxism, and their advocacy for the destruction of both capitalism but also the nuclear family.

Of course, Cuban sidestepped this by going on about how the “black community is hurting” or something like that.

Now, its apparent that must have gotten Cuban a little riled, even if he didn’t show it immediately, because it wasn’t long afterward that he started an online fight with a fan over the National Anthem.

On Monday, a fan of Cuban’s team and Texas talk show host Mark Davis wrote that he was excited about the upcoming NBA season but if “one player knees during the anthem, I am OUT.” To this, Cuban, simply said, “Bye.”

Senator Ted Cruz, also of Texas, noticed this and the problems with it, saying, “Really??!? NBA is telling everyone who stands for the flag, who honors our cops and our veterans, to ‘piss off?’ In Texas, no less? Good luck with that.”

Now, Cruz didn’t even mention Cuban by name in this criticism. But, apparently, that, in and of itself, was enough to set the NBA owner off, even telling Cruz to “have some balls for once.” because, you know, that’s all the maturity he could muster…

And this is where things really get interesting because Cruz proved to everyone that he’s made of rock hard titanium.

He responded to Cuban, “Speaking of balls, tell us what you think about China. I’ll wait.”

And wait, he most certainly had to.

After an hour with still no response, Cruz prodded Cuban once more. “Still no answer from @mcuban. Let’s try simpler. Mark, tough guy, can you say, ‘Free Hong Kong’? Can your players put that on their jerseys? Can you condemn the CCP’s concentration camps w/1 million Uyghurs? Can you say ANYTHING other than ‘Chairman Mao is beautiful & wise?’”

Now, if you know anything about China and the NBA, you will know this is a touchy subject.

China is currently suspected of substantial human rights abuses, including forced sterilization, minority abortions, the enslavement of its citizens, and even rounding up Muslims and putting them in concentration camps. However, the NBA is the most popular American sport in China, and as such, it and those like Mark Cuban make millions by keeping them happy.

So Cuban refuses to say a bad word about the communist nation.

His response to Cruz proves it.

Just as he did with Walker, he deflects, turning this into a conversation about BLM and President Trump.

And Cruz notices. “Where did that pandemic originate? Whey did Communist China COVER-UP the Wuhan outbreak & arrest whistle-blowers? And why are you terrified to say ONE WORD about China?”

But everyone knows he won’t. Look who has no balls now…


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