Sierra Club Cancels Their Founder Too Due to Racism Following in Planned Parenthood’s Footsteps

Sierra Club Cancels Their Founder Too Due to Racism Following in Planned Parenthood’s Footsteps

As the progressive left’s cancel culture continues to wreak havoc on our country and society, the Sierra Club is the latest to fall, or at least their history and founder.

In a copycat effort by the environmentalist foundation, the club has decided to denounce their founder, John Muir, citing that he was a racist and eugenicist just like the founder of Planned Parenthood, who made a similar move on Wednesday.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The executive director of the Sierra Club apologized Wednesday for its ‘substantial role in perpetuating white supremacy,’ and said John Muir, the club’s founder and an icon of the environmentalist movement, was a racist. In a post on the organization’s website, Michael Brune said that just as Black Lives Matter activists are pulling down monuments to Confederate leaders, the club must re-examine its past and ‘take down some of our own monuments.’”

While Brune admits that Muir was loved by many in both the club and the environmental world, citing that his writings on the subject “taught generations of people to see the sacredness of nature,” he was also had qualities that should not be respected.

According to The Chronicle, Muir had several “close friends” who were deeply embedded in the “eugenics movement, which advocated sterilizing those whom white supporters pegged as ‘deficient’: the poor, physically and mentally disabled people, and those of ‘unfit’ races, including Black and Latino people, as well as Jews.”

The statement from the club notes that Muir was not the only early member or leader that believed in or, at the very least, had connections to such things.

In addition, “members and leaders – like Joseph LeConte and David Starr Jordan – were vocal advocates for white supremacy and its pseudo-scientific arm, eugenics.” The Sierra Club goes on to describe how Jordan, who served on the board of directors while Muir was president, was “kingpin” of the eugenics movement.

According to the statement, Jordan continuously pushed for “laws and programs that deprived tens of thousands of women of their right to bear children – mostly Black, Latinx, Indigenous and poor women, and those living with disabilities and mental illness.” In fact, it is noted that his works in such areas were used to produce several eugenic legislations used by Nazi Germany.

Not exactly the type of stuff you want your club to be associate with, for sure.

Just like Planned Parenthood, I can see why the organization would want to cut all ties to such connections. Then again, in the case of Planned Parenthood, the denouncement seems a bit hypocritical or ironic, to say the least. I can hardly see how eugenics, the sterilization of a woman, is much worse than the actual murder of their babies while still in the womb. But that’s a conversation for another time.

In any case, Racism and the use of eugenics to further those beliefs are detestable and should not be praised in any way, shape, or form.

However, in doing so, the group also says that their very cause, environmentalism, and the respect and protection of nature, is somehow a white privilege.

Apparently, since a few of the club’s earliest members were racist, the entire club and its beliefs are something “only people insulated from systematic racism and brutality can afford to focus” on. And, obviously, this must be changed.

So from now on, the club, as well as reporting on new and recent conservation efforts, will also be talking about human affairs such as race, immigration, and even police brutality. Because, as far as the club is concerned, it is “willful ignorance” to believe that “exploring, enjoying, and protecting the outdoors can be separated from human affairs.”

I’d like to know exactly how they think the death of George Floyd while in police custody has anything to do with our national parks or hiking. How are the riots in Portland decrying the federal government’s involvement in their city about fishing or fossil fuels? And since when does enjoying nature require a full understanding of our world’s problems? Isn’t that supposed to be the one place you can get away from it all?

Well, apparently, not anymore.


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