Trump Buys Nearly 600 Million COVID Vaccines, Dems Heads Explode

Trump Buys Nearly 600 Million COVID Vaccines, Dems Heads Explode

COVID-19 has to be the most politicized event by the Democrats in the past 200 years. Their fears and fake facts have made it hard for all hardworking Americans. Their control over people looks like it is going to be coming to an end as President Trump is buying up vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech that will combat the virus. The vaccines are in the third stage of trials, which means they will be ready to inject in a few short months once approved for widespread usage.

The Democrats are secretly crying over the vaccine because they are going to lose the one thing that they could blame on the president. But President Trump promised a cure, and now it is on the horizon. Victory is in reach of the president. And the country loves him all the more for his work to protect American lives.

No dollar amount can be put on one human life. The United States paid $2 billion to the companies because all lived matter, not just those of one color. All Americans that need the vaccine will receive the drug, free of charge. President Trump has already laid the framework to mass-produce the vaccine mixture once it is approved for human widespread use.

The deal that the president has brokered will make available 100 million doses by year-end and over 1.3 billion by 2022. Pfizer and BioNTech are the giants that are testing the drug in its final stage right now. Fear can no longer be used by the Democrats to grip a nation and paralyze people in their homes.

Dr. Albert Bourla is the CEO of Pfizer. He stated that “We’ve been committed to making the impossible possible by working tirelessly to develop and produce in record time a safe and effective vaccine to help bring an end to this global health crisis.”

30,000 volunteers are needed to test the third and final stage of the vaccine. Once it is completed the drug will be approved for mass production. Any person that could not afford the vaccine will receive it for free the president promised. President Trump sees human life as a treasure worth protecting. Democrats see human life as a means to gain power over people. they kill baby’s and would ration the vaccine for COVID-19 to be given only to their supporters.

Jan Schakowsky is a Democrat Rep. from Illinois. She has already shown the greed of the Democrats as she focused primarily on the profit that the companies would be paid for their work. She shows her doubt in what the president stated about the vaccine and the cost of it. The developers need to be paid for their work or they will not be around next time to find a cure for the next virus from China.

Schakowsky stated that “Ensuring the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine, of course, is critical, but it will mean nothing if the price is a barrier to all Americans getting it.” Her words seem noble, but they are packed full of Democratic greed. She does not want to pay too much for something that will save billions of lives over time.

Schakowsky was shot out of the water when Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute of Health stated, “There is this investment in manufacturing tens of millions of doses of these vaccines, even before we know if they’re going to work, to prevent long delay at the end.” These companies are going out on a limb full of risk by mass-producing something that may flop in the end. They would lose billions of dollars in that case. Money is an issue, but not the focus of their willingness to save lives.

Collins further jabbed at the lousy Democrat when he said, “It would be really sad if we were celebrating in December, saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got a vaccine that works,’ and there were no doses left to offer to the people who need it.” He is saying “relax Democrat, we have it all covered.” President Trump has paved the way for the fast distribution of the cure once it is ready. He has saved the lives of millions around the world by the hard work that he has put into battling COVID-19.


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