Good Grief, Nancy: Your New Nickname for Trump Isn’t Cool or Witty

Good Grief, Nancy: Your New Nickname for Trump Isn’t Cool or Witty

Nancy Pelosi is everyone’s favorite moron to make fun of in politics. Just about everything she touches in the House falls apart or ends up in ruin because she just is too old to continue to do her job. Her reaction to how the president leads the country is priceless. She believes that she has all the answers and the president just does not know what he is doing. The fact is she just does not know what it takes to run the country in a way that serves the people.

Miss pushy Pelosi is outspoken about the way the president has handled COVID-19. She believes that the president made things worse by the decisions that he made. But everything the president has done so far has only helped people and made it possible for the country to reopen. Pelosi’s path would have ruined the country and sent millions to their graves because of COVID-19.

In an attempt to slam the president, she stated that “The point of all of this is this president, I have a new name for him: Mr. Makes Matters Worse. He has made matters worse from the start. Delay. Denial. It’s a hoax. It’ll go away magically. It’s a miracle. And all the rest.” Her attempt at name-calling is an embarrassment to every playground in America. If that is all she can come up with, President Trump is going to win in November.


The Democrats have lost everything. There is nothing that they have left with to fight this popular and powerful president. He has delivered on every one of the promises that he has made. And he has kept the economy strong even after COVID-19 reared its ugly face again.

The sad House Speaker believes that throwing money at the schools is the only way to open them up so kids will not get sick. Her plan of putting all of them in a plastic bubble will only make matters worse. The cost of such a plan is staggering certainly has not been explored. But then again, Pelosi believes money grows on trees and since she controls the House she can do whatever she wants.

She would fair so much better if she would work with the president and be open to other ideas that will work just as well. But she has to appear strong and mighty since her name-calling needs major improvement. Pelosi’s plan makes no sense. She would like to throw money to the wind and hope that it lands effectively on “ventilation, spacing, the additional teachers, and to lower the infection rate in the community in which they exist.”

Her plan looks like it calls for setting up massive ventilators over the schools and filtering the air through a massive filter. And somehow throwing money at teachers is supposed to make the air quality virus-free. But according to her, it will be effective in whatever reality people are found in. She is sounding like Joe Biden with his dementia-based campaign.

She is greatly mistaken if she believes that the president does not believe the virus is real. President Trump never called it a hoax. What the president was talking about was the way the Democrats are using the virus to push their politics on people. they are using the virus as a means to enact their deadly liberal agenda. A plan that would take all freedoms away from the people forever.

The only ones that have made things worse for everyone are the Democrats. Their refusal to work under the leadership of the president has given way to people rioting in the streets and becoming irritated over the extra laws that the liberals keep trying to impose on people.

The one thing that separates the Democrats from the Republicans is hope. The Republicans offer hope and a foreseeable end to the craziness that continues to politically plague the country.

Nancy Pelosi is the worst thing that has happened in 2020 so far. Her agenda setting mindset fails and people are wondering when will the House return to the Republicans so things can finally get done right. President Trump has done an amazing job under horrible circumstances. America needs him for another four years.


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