Portland Under Siege as Mayor Fails Again

Portland Under Siege as Mayor Fails Again

Liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon got into a little bit of trouble as he approached his beloved Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters. For whatever reason, the nasty Democrats think that the terrorists are going to listen to them just because they approved of their violence for a short period of time. Wheeler just does not get what they are after. They want all white men to be beheaded and the United States government disbanded so they can live in anarchy.

Wheeler’s sad attempt to relate and join the terrorists ended badly for him as fell into their trap of them wanting him to come down and be with them. It is the classic case of the spider telling the fly that he wants to be the fly’s friend. And in the end, the fly is eaten alive. Wheeler was the poor fly.

As he approached the doubleminded crowd, Wheeler was put into protective gear and escorted by bodyguards. As if to care he also put on the face mask to appear righteous before a non-caring crowd. Everything was fine until the trap was unleashed on him. Videos show Wheeler talking to people as if they appear to care. But all of that changes when the crowd makes their move.

Wheeler is a victim of his bad judgment. When the riots started weeks ago he should have put a stop to the violence on the first night. But he praised them for their actions and denied help from President Trump. In every city where a Democrat embraced violence, they ended up regretting their decision to not act and stop it before it ever got started.

The liberal media makes it sound like Antifa and BLM members come out at night. But they are already part of the crowd. They are just waiting for a stupid leader like Wheeler to step onto the mouse trap so they can harm or kill the mayor. This night was not going to be any different. BLM and Antifa showed up and attacked the mayor without any thought for their political affiliation.

The crowd pressed on the security detail, which pushed back as the mousy mayor scurried back into his hole. His guard locked the door as he entered the courthouse. Democrats think people love them. But they are quick to find out that they are not as popular as they think they are. Wheeler is a pompous loser that found out the hard way no one cares what he thinks like a Democrat.

As he spoke to the crowd he told them what they wanted to hear about the federal agents and how they were not welcome in the city. If that is what the people wanted, Wheeler should have been carried on their shoulders to his porcelain throne. Like all the other Democrats that have been attacked, Wheeler is changing his mind on how to deal with the murderous crowds. He is finding out that President Trump has been right all along.

The hands-off approach has never worked. Wheeler got some sense knocked into his thick head and sent in the police to finally do the job they are paid to do. The police are marching with federal agents for the first time since the violence started. Wheeler had to learn that President Trump did the right thing by sending in the federal agents. All he needs now is the “I told you so” letter from the Oval Office.

As it turns out the crowd was ready to take the violence to a whole new level as federal agents discovered caches of weapons and rock scattered around the area ready for use against the police and federal agents. Portland is under attack by terrorists and it will not go well for the protestors if they continue their violent attacks on innocent people and law enforcement agents.

People are being arrested finally and will be tried accordingly. Federal agents continue to step on the violent people as they break the law and incite violence. As for Wheeler, he is back home in his safe little hole waiting to show his sad face again after President Trump cleans up the mess he made.


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