Black Militia: What is the “Not F-ing Around Coalition” Really up to?

Black Militia: What is the “Not F-ing Around Coalition” Really up to?

Angry black men carrying rifles. What could go wrong? Lots…and it’s all the more reason to know all about NFAC.

The group that refers to themselves as the NFAC or “Not F***ing Around Coalition” has been showing up at quite a few of the Black Lives Matter rallies. Wait, BLM is supposed to be non-violent, right? Well, that might be why BLM is trying to distance themselves from this group. Many of the local BLM charters have said that they are NOT associated with NFAC.

So, what is NFAC all about? Funny thing. No one really knows. They don’t have a website. They don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. They’re just a group of heavily armed black militia.

They’ve been linked to the New Black Panther Party, but they deny connection to them, too.

Grand Master Jay, otherwise known as John Jay Fitzgerald, is claiming to be the group’s leader. Johnson, who was an independent candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2016 has tried to clarify who they are: “We are a Black militia. We aren’t protesters, we aren’t demonstrators. We don’t come to sing, we don’t come to chant. That’s not what we do.”

Got it. They won’t sing or chant.

So, why keep showing up at these different events? They want to bully their way into making sure that they get their way. In July, about a hundred of these black armed militiamen marched through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia to demand the removal of a Confederate monument.

If there’s a protest happening, they seem to show up. In Stone Mountain, it was about a confederate monument that is supposedly important to the Klu Klux Klan. In Louisville, it was about the lack of action responsible for the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

According to the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, the NFAC was peaceful and orderly. Fine. But why the need for rifles?

They’re not shooting…yet. Well, except for when one accidentally discharged a gun in Louisville over the weekend, injuring three in the process. So, now, we have armed men who don’t even know how to carry a gun. Hint: get your finger out of the trigger housing.

Their guns…AK-47s, 12-gauge semi-automatic shotguns, and plenty of others. These are SERIOUS weapons. These aren’t casual, weekend shooting range toys. These are YOU. WILL. LISTEN. TO. US. Kind of weapons. And if they’re not shooting, why the need to carry extra ammo strapped to their chest like black-Rambos preparing for the end of the world?

The group has been respectful…so far. When shots rang out at Baxter Park, the NFAC ordered their members to take a knee. The Louisville Fire Department later thanked them for allowing medics to access victims swiftly.

Often, the group is at the same events as others, including the “three Percenter,” a far-right militia group. This is what has many cities (and its citizens) concerned – a street war between militia that is on two sides of the political spectrum.

Clearly, NFAC believes in gun rights since they have them strapped to their persons everywhere they go. They’ve been known to travel as far as Oregon for rallies on the east coast, too.

So, the NFAC hasn’t fired into the crowds. They don’t protest. They don’t demonstrate. But, it’s still not clear as to what they do. This is what has too many people concerned. If they’re not protesting and they’re not demonstrating, what are they actually doing? Are they going to back up the police if things go down or are they going to back up BLM or Antifa protesters?

Since it’s unclear as to what side they’re on, it’s hard to prepare. Obviously, though, they’re prepared for war no matter what with the amount of gun power they have strapped to their chests as they march through the streets. Can someone at least show a few of them how to hold a gun properly?


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