If You Don’t Like the Taste of Tear Gas, Leave Portland

If You Don’t Like the Taste of Tear Gas, Leave Portland

When the police and the feds make threats, they’re not empty. If they tell you to vacate the city or you’re going to be tear-gassed, they mean it. This means that you don’t get the right to cry ‘poor me’ when you actually get tear-gassed. You had your warning. You didn’t listen.

However, Portland is the land of snowflakes. They’re the Dems that wouldn’t know common sense if it smacked them across the face.

There are now two protest groups in Portland that are suing the Department of Homeland Security. Why? They’re claiming that they violated the Constitution by sending feds to break up the crowds with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The two groups? The Wall of Moms and Don’t Shoot Portland. These two groups are there solely to protest the presence of U.S. agents sent to Portland to reduce the demonstrations outside of a federal courthouse.

Feds trump state. It’s the way that it works. When the state cannot get a city under control, feds are sent in. Especially when there is damage occurring at a federal building, feds have the right to show up.

As for the tear gas and rubber bullets, those are used as a way to break up the protests since “please leave” isn’t working out so well.

According to the lawsuit, the protesters have “been tear-gassed night after night, left vomiting and unable to eat or sleep because of the toxic poison blasted at them.”

Let’s break that down. “Night after night.” Most people would leave after being gassed the first night. The fact that they’re coming back night after night for it to happen again means that they’re gluttons for punishment. They’re not listening to what they’re being told. So, it’s them breaking the law, not the federal government.

As for their cry that the federal agents are performing local police duties reserved for state and local authorities, the feds have no choice. The protesters have been out in such force that it is exhausting all of the local police. The local police have been the ones ASKING for federal help.

These libtards think that they can break the law and turn around and sue. It never crosses their mind that the Department of Homeland Security may know federal law a bit more than a bunch of moms. Meanwhile, what do they think the DHS does? Homeland. Security. Portland is part of our homeland and it needs security more than ever. Hence, the Department of Homeland Security will send in agents.

Mayor Ted Wheeler wants a cease-fire. However, the U.S. attorney for Oregon has already said that the agents will remain for as long as the protesters continue to attack the federal courthouse.

The protests have been going on for two months now. Enough is enough. It’s very simple. Go. Home. If you don’t stop attacking a FEDERAL building, the FEDERAL agents are going to get aggressive.

Anarchy cannot continue in Portland or anywhere else. People are angry, we get it. However, anger does not give people the right to ignore the fact that there is such a thing as law and order. Wheeler can expect a cease-fire once he gets his city under control. When the protesters go home. When residents stop damaging the federal courthouse. When the police can handle the aggressors on their own.

Fireworks, Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles, and fires…none of these are legal. Throwing them at buildings and at federal agents are illegal.

So, if there are people intent on destroying a federal building, federal agents have a right to defend it. These protesters have essentially declared war – and that means that feds will use tear gas and more as a way to defend themselves and the building, especially when they’re being attacked in the process.

With over 60 days of violent protests affecting the city, the protesters of Portland have no right to sue the DHS for doing their job. If they don’t like being sprayed with tear gas, they need to leave the city.


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