Democrats Losing Their Minds in the Home Stretch to the Election

Democrats Losing Their Minds in the Home Stretch to the Election

The track record of the Democrats does not help their candidacy run for the White House or any other political position. They are out of control to the point that what they do only damages the country. The party was so enraged in 2016 when President Trump beat them bad that they all lost their minds. And as a result, their main mission was to take his seat and throw him out in the cold.

There has not been a day in the White House that the president has not been attacked. From the well-placed Democratic spies to the fake witnesses of the impeachment trial, he has had his fair share of trouble. And every time, the president was proven right and innocent of all charges. But the same could not be said of the Democrats. And that is why they are panicking as November approaches.

The lying liberals have at their heart only contempt for honest President Trump. The president’s voters know that people hate them because they support the president. There is not a liberal around that has shown one ounce of respect or support for the president since he set foot into the office.

They hate him so much that their record of accomplishments has not even started yet. And now here they are at the end of the term and they have nothing to show for their time in politics. They are in all-out panic mode. Things would be much different for them had they just cooperated with the president and worked for the people instead of their greedy selves.

The Democrat’s last hopes of victory hinged on the severity of the virus and the liberal backed riots. But even those items are backfiring in their faces. Their imposed lockdowns only upset their voters. They seek to crush the economy with the hopes of hurting the president, but it bounces back stronger than ever.

For the far-left crybabies, the lockdowns and their attempts to keep schools closed only show their true motives. They are power-hungry and are willing to do anything to sit in seats of power. Even if that means supporting terrorists that are willing to destroy a state or two along the way.

Democrat-controlled areas are up in arms which will not help their election bids. As the last glimpse of air slips out of their lungs, so goes their hopes of winning. Even the most ignorant Democratic voter is questioning their motives. Parents are tired of having to watch their kids and work at the same time. Schedules are exploding and the finger is being pointed right back at the liberal liars.

The media works overtime to hide their panic attacks. They invent polls to dupe voters into thinking that mental Biden is winning. They spin fake news to play down the importance of major trade victories. They ignore the murdering of Trump supporters and praise Black Lives Matter as they kill kids in the streets.

As panic grips their throats, the liberals become insane. Their decisions are based on that panic and as a result, all sober thinking is absent from their minds. Governor Newsom in California thinks it is best to shut off the air-conditioning of millions to stop wildfires. Governor Cuomo of New York thinks it’s best to kill off the elderly by exposing them to COVID-19. And he rationalizes it all by saying that they are close to death anyway.

Sitting in the White House is a man that knows the weaknesses of the Democratic Party. He knows how to push their panic buttons so well that watching them react is better than a theater show. November is going to be a great month for all Trump supporters. He will have majority strength in both parts of the Legislative Branch. And he will be able to set America on a path to greatness.

Panic is killing the Democrats. And their demise cannot come soon enough. All attempts by them to exploit Americans have failed. And those failures are going to be their undoing in the coming election month.


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