Biden’s First Broken Promise: Misses Important August 1 Deadline

Biden’s First Broken Promise: Misses Important August 1 Deadline

Crazy Joe Biden is running out of time to continue making a fool out of himself. He is already the candidate that the Democrats are ashamed of putting in front of the camera. They are so embarrassed at how he acts and talks that they would rather lock him in the basement and put a webcam in front of his face.

At least then they can turn him off is he makes a clown out of himself. His speeches are full of twisted lies and broken promises. These are going to be the legacy that he is remembered by even after he loses to President Trump.

Biden made a statement that millions are still waiting to hear from him on so they can make fun of him some more. He started months ago that he would be letting everyone know which lucky lady was going to be his running mate. This was supposed to happen on August 1, but so far only the sound of crickets can be heard.

Like a bad prophet trying to guess the end of the world, Biden’s campaign people keep pushing back the doomsday date. It is one campaign promise that he just keeps breaking over and over again. Many people are speculating that there is a secret war taking place between Biden and his ultra-liberal lovers that are trying to control his presidential run.

Biden appears to have narrowed the list down to two people. Kamala Harris is one unlucky lady and the other is Susan Rice. But who is to rule out pushy Pelosi and her pick of Karen Bass? It might be that Pelosi owes Rice a favor and would like to clear the record before something happens to her for neglecting her promises to Bass for secret services.

The uncertainty of Biden to make a choice is a clear picture of how his campaign is fairing. He has made no absolute promises are even any attempt to challenge President Trump to debate. The fact is he just afraid of the power and popularity that the president has on his side. So, he continues to hide in his basement wearing a mask.

The puppet has to choose from the candidates chosen for him by his puppet masters. Obviously, the one he picks will be the one that replaces him if something were to happen to him so he must choose carefully. Choosing the wrong person will only hurt his campaign even further. But then again, there is not much more that could happen to it since its terrible already.

Biden’s nemesis is Harris. She is not a Democrat at heart. She is a socialist that is just hoping to be named the number two on the ballot this election year. She hates Biden as much as she hates him, but then again Sanders likes her, so Biden has to consider her in the pool. The only thing that will cause him to choose anyone at this point would be the number of votes that they would possibly give his faltering run for the Oval Office.

The real power of choice appears to be coming from the liberal’s higher powers. Powers such as Pelosi and Sanders seem to be calling more of the shots in Biden’s campaign. One could only wonder why Pelosi is not being considered. After all, if she puts on a mask she would look a lot better to Joe Biden. At least his nightmares would stop.

The Democratic Party is morphing into something other than a unified party. The old days of being a Democrat that was not afraid of actually working with Republicans have long since disappeared. It is now a party of cowards that seeks its way. They are willing to stab each other in the back to make sure they are the ones to reach the position of power. Many of the candidates have abandoned their support of Biden because they are feeling the pressure of losing in November. So right now, it is a party of solo seekers.

Biden is no President Trump. He never tells the truth as the president does. And he has no plan for American. That is why he will not challenge the president to a debate. He knows that he will be taken down one piece at a time.


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