Just Shut Up and Play Ball, Teams See Sagging Interest from Frustrated Fans

Just Shut Up and Play Ball, Teams See Sagging Interest from Frustrated Fans

No one wants to hear about Black Lives Matter or anything like that. They want to hear the Star-Spangled Banner, they want to chant about Cracker Jacks, and they want to hear the crisp sound of a baseball bat hitting a baseball. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so. Major League Baseball fans have shown that they’re not a fan of the way baseball is being played right now. Not only are the ballparks free of fans because of Covid-19 but there are also too many politics surrounding the whole thing.

MLB players are being allowed to hit the mound covered in their various beliefs of #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, and whatever else they want to promote at the moment. And fans are over it. Baseball is supposed to be the one place where people don’t have to worry about politics, yet players are ruining that.

The ratings are crashing, showing that fans don’t want to hear about politics. Hit the ball, run to home, repeat.

It’s not just baseball, either. The NBA players, too, though they would get away with being draped in their favorite social justice symbolism.

After opening games, smaller numbers of fans tuned in for the rest of the games scheduled for the week.

Remember when players were all about the love of the game? They raced out there to play for their fans. Now, they want to get political.

Since there’s been nothing on TV in the past few months, the games should be getting a ton of viewership as people are thirsty to watch their teams play. Since they can’t go to the baseball or basketball game in person, they have no choice but to watch it on TV.

The Lakers-Clippers game only had 3.4 million. Even the Yankees couldn’t impress, with an opening game against the Nationals bringing in 4 million viewers. By night two, it was bleak. The Celtics-Bucks game brought in less than half with 1.3 million and the Mets-Braves had a bleak showing of only 922k.

The nation has been desperate to watch something new on TV. Summer shows never came back because of the pandemic, and it doesn’t look too good for the fall, either.

It’s not sports, in general. It’s also not the coronavirus. It’s that the baseball and basketball players tried to make it political. Don’t believe us? 5.8 million people tuned in to watch Tom Brady golf with Phil Michelson and Tiger Woods in May. But, Brady just played golf. He knew not to make it political. They also raised more than $20 million for charity when they played.

So, what can the MLB and NBA learn from this? Just stop already. The politics are being thrown at us in every direction. We can’t turn on the TV, open a paper, or go on social media without it being shoved down our throats.

Sports is supposed to be what helps us forget everything else. We want to yell at the screen because the ref made a bad call or because the wrong team scored. If we have to yell at the screen because our favorite player is wrapped in social justice garb that we don’t agree with, sports are ruined.

If the MLB and the NBA want to see their numbers return, perhaps they’ll respond to demands. That’s been working for the liberal left, so why not give it a try? We’ll only tune in to watch you play if the following are met:

  1. You issue a formal apology for trying to get political
  2. You burn all social injustice clothing and signage
  3. You give your best out on the court/ballfield

That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? It’s time that the ballplayers remember that they would be nowhere without their fans. Now, all we ask is that they prove it to us so that we can have a fun distraction from the pandemic.


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