Mayor De Blasio Forced to Admit Failure Once Again in Support of BLM

Mayor De Blasio Forced to Admit Failure Once Again in Support of BLM

Bill de Blasio had a massive brain fart the other day when he thought painting Black Lives Matter on the streets of New York in front of the Trump Tower was a good idea. His sympathetic embrace of BLM and their terrorist activities have caused him to ignore one of the most basic tenants of being a New Yorker. Everyone else in the city is required to obtain permits to do anything with paint. De Blasio must have felt he was above the law when he ignored the law.

His hand holding of the BLM group is not getting him any points with the millions of people that were tricked into voting for him. De Blasio has only allowed the graffiti to stay because it pokes at President Trump in front of the Trump Tower. The president has proven the BLM is nothing more than a domestic terror group. And De Blasio is in full support of their actions.

De Blasio even had police officers protecting the graffiti from people that would rather scrub it off. This is the same lunatic that is defunding the police. And now he has them protecting the very hateful words of the group that hates the police. There is no end to the wacky actions of the Democrats in New York.

The police are ordered to arrest anyone that is caught defacing the so-called artwork. The irony is sicking as the police are protecting an illegal, non-permitted display of art. And they are arresting people that are trying to take it down which would force BLM to follow city law.

For some reason, BLM thinks they are above the law. De Blasio must think that he is above the law as well given the fact that he has permitted them to deface public property. Many people have been trying to spread paint over the artwork set to antagonize the president.

The best part about the issue is that the de Blasio and his BLM friends have been embarrassed because he broke city law. He never got the permits needed to showcase any kind of art. The demonic Democrat has ruined any credibility he may have had because no one believes the sad little monster any longer. Facts point out that they have no respect for the rule of law anymore.

De Blasio rationalized his actions by saying “That is something that again transcends all normal realities because we are at a moment of history when that had to be said and done, that’s a decision I made.” So he believes that it is just fine to ignore established law for the sake of making a statement.

He continues to believe that all other people have to obey the laws but himself. He stated that “But the normal process continues for anyone who wants to apply.” In other words, he is above the law and no longer has to obey the same rules that everyone else has to live by. Sad little de Blasio has lost his mind because he thinks he is living in his self-made utopia made for his munchkins.

The city is now facing lawsuits from groups that have been denied the right to display art in support of the president. The group Women for America First have been blocked because they wanted to paint their slogan “Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!” on a street and were denied the permit. But the favored BLM was permitted with no permit issued. Favoritism is de Blasio’s best friend.

De Blasio’s actions are so horrible that even the civil liberties lawyer Norm Siegel thought that it was beyond reason. He states that “Once you open the door and allow Black Lives Matter murals to be on the streets of New York, you can’t now turn down Blue Lives Matter. That would be a violation of the free speech provision of the Constitution.

If a Republican tried something like this he would be fired on the spot. But de Blasio has somehow brainwashed his munchkins into overlooking various laws and showing massive favoritism. President is right when he says that the BLM and the Democrats are in the same bed together spreading their dangerous propaganda.


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