Comrade de Blasio Installs COVID-19 Checkpoints in New York

Comrade de Blasio Installs COVID-19 Checkpoints in New York

The mayor of New York City is moving backward as fear and anxiety define his thinking skills. Bill de Blasio has made the unthinkable decision to set up checkpoints to check people for COVID-19 before they can enter the city. These unlawful actions are forcing people to be a part of testing designed to bolster political posturing within the Democratic Party. De Blasio is using Nazi-like tactics forcing people to show their papers or risk being imprisoned for not complying.

The devious decision by the mayor is to force people to comply with the governor’s order for people to quarantine again. The fear that de Blasio has is ruining the city. The city has worked hard together to keep infection rates low, but to revert back to pre-April lockdown is simply torturing people. The state-level Democrats are keeping people from earning a living to keep them at the poverty level.

The Nazi-like rules are extreme. For people traveling into the city and state, the penalties for not complying with forced quarantine are steep. The law states that “Failure to quarantine is a violation of state law, and individuals who fail to quarantine are subject to a $10,000 fine. Individuals who refuse to fill out the New York State Department of Health travel form are subject to a $2,000 fine.” People might as well board the Nazi train and be subject to camp-like torture for not confining themselves to a room, even though they are healthy.

De Blasio plans to educate people on the rules. He sees the data from other states and makes statements that their rates are too high. But at the same time, those other governors are interpreting the data at a safe level. Fear is the driving factor behind de Blasio’s reasoning. He stated that people being educated about the laws would be helped to follow the rules. He is saying that there will be forced compliance.

In addition to a forced quarantine, Cuomo is mandating that people file travel plans before setting out on the road. In other words, the state government will decide if a person can travel or not. Democratic rule is communism in the making. Might as well move the Berlin wall to New York. Because that is what is happening in the city and state right now.

People coming from 34 states have to sit in a room for 14-days before they can resume a normal life in New York. The care and compassion that de Blasio and Cuomo are trying to show is nothing more than a façade. It was earlier this year that Cuomo tried to kill off the elderly in the state by deliberately infecting them with COVID-19. The only reason he is acting as he cares now is that it is an election year and his head is on the chopping block.

De Blasio is fighting with the city Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot over how to deal with the virus. In the end, de Blasio did what he wanted to do. The mayor will have his defunded police out manning the checkpoints taking names and addresses of people coming into the city. Sheriff Joseph Fucito stated, “The DOF Sheriff’s Office in coordination with other law enforcement agencies will undertake traveler registration checkpoints at major bridge and tunnel crossings into New York City.”

The state and city get to define if a person is essential or not. If they are found not to be necessary, they have to stay in their little room. The state has posted that non-essentials must “stay at their residence or in a hotel room, leaving only for essential medical appointments or treatment or to obtain food and other essential goods when the delivery of food or other essential goods to their residence or hotel is not feasible.”

The obnoxious actions of de Blasio are holding New Yorkers captive. To be told if a person is essential or not is to classify people for future elimination camps. Liberals and Democrats would love nothing more than to exterminate their rivals. Their goal is to turn America into the next socialist nation doomed to fail and never be great again.


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