The Protesters are Making Violent House Calls

The Protesters are Making Violent House Calls

Forget about wreaking havoc in the cities. The Black Lives Matter mob has decided that it would be more effective if they make house calls. Surprise! We’re here to assault you. Welcome to 2020.

As if the violent protests weren’t enough to prove that BLM and Antifa are all about terrorism, what happened in Wisconsin this weekend will be plenty of proof.

Joseph Mensah, a black officer of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin was confronted by a group of 50 or 60 people with the Black Lives Matter group at his girlfriend’s house. According to the police statement, Officer Mensah attempted to talk to the members. But, BLM has proven time and again that they don’t want to talk. So, they assaulted him instead.

He retreated inside upon being assaulted. That’s when the protesters began shooting the doors using a shotgun.

Reasonable? Absolutely not. But, that’s how BLM works. They use intimidation and gunpower instead of words and reason.

BLM chose to target and vandalize the home of Officer Joseph Mensah. The Wauwatosa Police Department had to call in reinforcements from neighboring agencies in order to help disperse the crowd.

But wait, why isn’t this all over the news? Vandalism and violent behavior need to be covered, especially now that BLM has shown that they’re willing to make house calls. That would require people to admit that BLM isn’t peaceful, though. The City of Wauwatosa supports peaceful protests. Gunning a man down in his own home doesn’t really qualify, but apparently, they’re willing to let It slide.

Officer Mensah decided that he would speak out a bit more on his Facebook page. He described that the BLM protesters were there and “tried to kill me.” He acknowledged several times that he was unarmed and tried to defend his property. He said that he never swung pack or reciprocated any of the hate that was being directed at him.

Both Mensah and his girlfriend were assaulted, punched, and shot at. He stated, “I am all for peaceful protests, even against me, but this was anything but peaceful.” He identified that they broke windows, shot into the house and that they were chanting, “Black Lives Matter. He said that the irony is that while they were chanting, they “had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man.”

Mensah’s girlfriend also shared photos of the bruises left behind from the BLM assault. She made her own statement, shouting out to BLM that, “You proved nothing today. Now, I have to come up with the funds to replace your damages that proved nothing. You completely forgot what this movement is about.”

And there it is. Black Lives Matter clearly isn’t about helping black lives. They put black lives in danger to prove a point – what point? That one life is worth more than five or 10?

Why was Mensah even a target since he’s black? Well, he may be black but he’s also an officer. And he has fatally shot three people over his five years of service. Two were ruled as justified while another left Mensah suspended and is being investigated.

According to WTMJ, the City of Wauwatosa has identified that they have always “supported and protested the right to peaceful protest.” They also acknowledge that what happened over the weekend was criminal behavior. If the perpetrators are identified, they will be prosecuted to the “fullest extent allowed by law,” according to the city’s mayor, Dennis McBride.

It’s time that people get real about the Black Lives Matter movement. Everyone can agree that black lives matter. However, the group and movement of the same name does not agree with this. They’re willing to harm anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with their hate. Black lives of any age mean nothing to them. They simply want to show that the police need to be defunded to end police brutality. They want anarchy and they’ll use anarchy to prove their points.


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