AOC and Kamala Harris Are Turning Climate Change into a Push for Socialism

AOC and Kamala Harris Are Turning Climate Change into a Push for Socialism

As you well know, climate change has been one of the more prominent platform issues for just every Democrat who has run for office since the 1970s, when the idea was introduced that Earth is somehow dying and must be helped, if we are to sustain life as we know it.

Naturally, in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic and then the widespread protesting and riots that have occurred in the last few months, climate change has been put on the back burner.

But Democratic Senator Kamala Harris and New York House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have plans to bring it back. After all, AOC is the author of the iconic “Green New Deal” that the Dems seem to rave about, and as such, she can’t afford to simply forget about the idea even if it couldn’t get passed by a single vote.

Together, the two have introduced another act, one that will supposedly restore the balance of nature and how we interact with it. So how will it stop our world from aging and going to pot?

Well, by creating equal economic opportunities for all races, of course.

I know, I know. As you just read that last line, you asked yourself, ‘What does economic equality have to do with the environment?’

Good question…

According to the Democratic socialist pair, the ‘Climate Equity Act,’ as it is called, will “center” the fight against the climate crisis “in justice and equity.” Essentially, this means the creation of an Office of Climate and Environmental Justice Accountability, among other things, that is tasked with making sure each minority community is given the same or equal opportunities by all government legislation.

The bill is a furthering of the idea that has become known as “climate justice,” which is basically a way for the progressive left to act as though they are pushing climate control, you know something good for all peoples, while instead forwarding their march to equity.

It would take real scientific ideas and innovations like carbon capture, and replace them with legislation that instead focuses on things like race or gender equality. Because, you know, puffing up one race or gender actually cools the Earth’s warming atmosphere…

However, even if you could pretend to get over the ridiculousness of how the two ideas are linked, there are even more troubling problems with the bill. And that all lies in the wording.

For years, the Democratic Party has purported themselves as the party of diversity, welcoming all, no matter where you came from or what ideals you hold dear.

However, this new bill seems to contradict this entirely.

As its name implies, this bill is all about “equity.” But that doesn’t mean it’s about equality or diversity.

In fact, as Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology Jordan Peterson explains, diversity and equity are nearly the opposite. He even states in one essay on the subject that the two cannot exist together.

He writes, “The emphasis on ‘diversity,’ for example, is in direct logical contradiction to the dogma of ‘equity.’ The two simply cannot co-exist. If people are in fact ‘diverse,’ for whatever reasons then they bring distinctly and important different talents and abilities to the table, in precise proportion to their diversity.”

Equity, as Peterson explains, is far different.

“The inevitable consequence of encouraging that diversity and giving it free play in the world will thus be an exacerbation of inequality, rather than its elimination. If equity were the goal, then diversity would have to done away with.”

To put it more simply, diversity thrives on people’s differences. And those differences are what make them unique. However, it also means different choices, and thus different outcomes are made, which may or may not always result in their success.

In contrast, equity puts success above peoples’ differences or choices. It demands that everyone is given equal success, not equal opportunities to succeed. But as logic demands, that means you are not free to make your own choices. Your differences, which would usually guide you in one direction or another, are now meaningless.

Instead, you will be given a measured amount of success equal to everyone else, not because you have earned it or made the right choices but simply because you exist. That means government schools, government housing, government paid incomes, government healthcare, etc.

And poof, there goes capitalism and democracy. Socialism, here we come…

No wonder AOC and Harris are pushing this bill.


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