The Classless Left Uses Trump’s Brother’s Death as a Punchline

The Classless Left Uses Trump’s Brother’s Death as a Punchline

When someone in politics or closely tied to politics dies, there’s usually a moment of silence. Even if you don’t take that moment, you still don’t talk ill of the dead.

However, this is 2020 and the Dems have shown that they’re as classless as they come. They’re choosing to turn into internet trolls as President Trump’s younger brother Robert has passed away.

Trump stated, “He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again.”

It shouldn’t matter who you are. There’s supposed to be compassion in the world. A man lost his younger brother and his best friend. Leave it alone.

Nope. The Dems have shown that they are completely incapable of compassion. Rather than letting the president grieve for a moment, they’re coming out in forces to make deplorable comments, with such gems as “The wrong Trump died.”

#WrongTrump became a trending hashtag – and although Facebook and Twitter love to tear down comments that are considered hateful, they let this one trend around the nation. Tweets were actually calling for the president’s death.

Trump visited with his brother at a hospital in New York City on Friday. His brother passed on Saturday.

If this kind of hate was being directed at a Democrat, it would have been taken down. It’s why conservatives began asking questions as to why social media platforms were allowing it.

Buzz Patterson, a Congress hopeful, tweeted out “I can’t believe Twitter is allowing #wrongtrump to trend in response to Robert Trump’s passing. This is one of their most egregious acts yet.”

And he’s right. The distasteful Democrats are essentially asking for the president to be killed, and yet, Twitter and Facebook look the other way.

Charlie Kirk summed it up well in his tweet of, “The fact that ‘the Wrong Trump’ is trending after the President’s brother died tells you everything you need to know about the left. They don’t care about people – they only care about power.”

Are there any Dems that are telling everyone to shut it? Are there any classy Dems out there who are going to offer some condolences?


Now, Biden did send over a note to Trump on Twitter, saying “Mr. President, Jill and I are sad to learn of your younger brother Robert’s passing. I know the tremendous pain of losing a loved one — and I know how important family is in moments like these. I hope you know that our prayers are with you all.”

Well, Biden, that was sweet of you. It’s something that should be offered by the person who is running against Trump. And since he did it on Twitter, everyone else can know just how sweet Biden is, too.

As for what Facebook and Twitter have to say about allowing such a hashtag to trend for as long as it did?


It seems that the Dems are only good at being classless. They’re classless in their approach to politics, to the president, and to the death of a loved one. And yet, they’re the ones who want to cast the first stone and say that they know how to make the country better.

Less than a day after Trump lost his brother, we have Representative Maxine Waters tweeting, “We know Trump is mentally challenged, but now I think he’s completely LOST his mind!” She’s not even going to give him a break to mourn. Instead, she’d rather be the one to get him out of office once and for all. Perhaps she should let the President mourn the loss of his brother for a few days. She could take that time to focus on the problems within her district – and there are a lot of them.

How is it that they’re supposed to be trusted with the country when they can’t even muster up enough decency to be compassionate when the President has lost his brother?


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