De Blasio’s Big Apple Fails Despite Its Declining COVID Numbers

De Blasio’s Big Apple Fails Despite Its Declining COVID Numbers

Bill De Blasio would like to tout his city as the utopia of what American cities should be. Ahh, the Golden Apple. New York City. Where COVID numbers are low, murders happen in the street, and Broadway is closed for the rest of 2020. It sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

De Blasio has been failing his city for months. When the coronavirus first struck, he decided to encourage everyone to head out and take in a show. He continued to promote tourism because he’s the mayor of one of the best cities in the world. Well, he was until he ruined the city.

Still, De Blasio likes to think that he’s running the model city. After all, the COVID numbers are really low. Even Governor Cuomo has been talking about how New York’s numbers are significantly low. What dumb and dumber fail to remember is that their numbers also spiked higher than the rest of the country when it all started. They hardly have things under control. The only reason that they’re good now is that anyone who was going to be infected has already been infected and has either died or recovered.

Cuomo wants to blind the rest of the country to the problems happening in New York City. He’s even been inviting MLB teams to use New York as their temporary home. Come on over, it’s great, we’ve got our COVID numbers in check.

What Cuomo is doing is trying to hide the desperation. He’s trying to hide the fact that Mayor De Blasio is incapable of figuring out how to run the city without asking the Trump administration for a bailout. He was so quick to shut down tourism that he doesn’t have enough money coming in. Times Square looks like a graveyard. Broadway is closed until 2021. And the restaurants are shutting down across the city.

New York City is hardly a model city. However, it is representative of what happens under Democratic leadership. For the month of June, those victimized by murder and gun violence spiked. There’s been a 130% increase over 2019 numbers. Oh, and there have been approximately 40,000 fewer arrests this year so far in comparison to last year. It means they’re allowing the city to fall. And the criminals get to walk away.

De Blasio is also facing the harsh reality of having to lay off 22,000 public workers by October 1 unless he finds a secondary cash source.

When talking to reporters, he broke down the problem: “The overwhelming cost of local government is personnel. Where we put our money is into the people who provide services to New Yorkers, whether they’re first responders, health care workers, sanitation workers, educators, you name it.”

He wants to cut the budgets to the police anyway. He isn’t looking to open the schools anytime soon.

He’s the reason that he’s in this mess. People are moving out of New York City. Not just individuals but corporations. Turns out companies think it’s bad for business if there are looting and murders happening on their doorstep. As people move out, they take their tax money with them – and there’s the problem that the mayor is facing.

The mayor, the one who is one of the loudest at criticizing Trump and the rest of the administration has been hoping for a multi-billion federal aid package to bail him out. Wait, what’s that? Maybe if you apologize to Trump and ask really nicely, he’ll bail you out. Oh, but you’re too busy defacing public property in front of Trump Tower to acknowledge where the real help is.

Great city, mayor. If you’re running the model city, we’re all in big trouble. We’re not interested in the personnel cuts, the spike in crime rates, or anything else that you have to offer. Perhaps you could take a look at a Republican-run city for some pointers the next time you want to boast about the greatness that is New York City.


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