Surprise: What Biden and Harris Have to Say About Ongoing Violence

Surprise: What Biden and Harris Have to Say About Ongoing Violence

The Biden-Harris ticket has been announced. They’ve got less than three months to convince the country why they should be the ones taking over the White House. With civil unrest found in so many Democratic cities, they have an easy platform to start with.

So, what are they planning on doing about the violence erupting across the city? Crickets.

Everyone’s starting to take notice of it, too. Former Lt of the NYPD, Darrin Porcher commented “The elected officials have failed to produce a moratorium on the violence that has been plaguing this community and we see this happening throughout the United States.” The cities governed by Dem mayors are where the most violence is – and so Biden and Harris should be all over this.

However, they’re not. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that Kamala Harris and many from Biden’s election campaign were actually seeking donations for an organization that would pay the bail of the rioters who were being arrested.

There’s no level of urgency to get the crime under control – and Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President has taken note of it, too. When there are multiple shootings and deaths, the city should be leaping to get it under control – and they simply aren’t.

Considering that so many people, Dem and Republican alike, that are crying out to put an end to the violence, Biden and Harris should be all over this. They should be identifying how they’re going to put a stop to it. Yet, they’re not.

It’s why Porcher has said this: “Therefore we have to look at what we have in office now, that being Donald Trump. I believe he is the only candidate that has a steady hand in ending the violence.”

Trump has identified that there is violence. He has offered federal aid. He’s talked with the mayors. He’s made it clear that he’s supporting the funding of police departments around the nation. Meanwhile, it’s as if the Dems don’t even want to acknowledge that there is a violent problem happening in cities across the U.S.

Kamala Harris being added to the Biden ticket was supposed to bring about balance. She was supposed to be the voice of reason. She is, after all, a former prosecutor. The problem with that is that she was labeled as a cop, particularly among young, black Democrats. So, she tries to pretend that she was never a prosecutor. The very reason why she may actually be a good VP is being hidden. She wants to ignore that part. And, therefore, she’s being ignored as a decent candidate.

Here’s what Harris has said about BLM: “I know how the system works enough to know that if you don’t have the brilliance of a Black Lives Matter movement, you cannot make change happen.” Herein lies the problem. She’s referring to their movement as brilliant. The very movement that is leaving people dead and wounded in the streets is brilliant.

At no point has Harris or Biden come forward to condemn the violence. They don’t see the violence. They’re going to play the ignorant card and claim that there is no violence. Apparently, the videos being shared online of BLM groups pulling people out of cars and beating them until they’re unconscious is fake news.

What has Biden said about the violence? Well, in Portland, he still refers to them as “peaceful protesters.” Clearly, he has a very different interpretation of peaceful than so many other people.

Until the Biden-Harris ticket can actually identify that there is violence within the Dem-led cities, they can’t possibly be taken seriously. Until they can speak about a plan to stop the looting and rioting, they won’t get the vote.

Trump will win again because he’s the only one that seems to not only see the violence but condemn it. The Dems have failed. Too many people have died or had their lives ruined because of the riots, and people are fed up.


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