Democrats Declare Destruction of Capitalism is Their Agenda

Democrats Declare Destruction of Capitalism is Their Agenda

The Democratic National Convention has revealed that the true intent of their demonic takeover of the United States. They desire is to bring to an end all forms of capitalism. When asked about their desire and why they want to end capitalism the horror of their agenda starts to ooze from the cracks.

In a capitalistic society, people are free to own their own business and have their own things. The Democrats want to take these kinds of freedoms away from people. They believe that no one has the right to own their own things and amass their own wealth.

Democrats see a world of socialism being a better form of government. They see it as a way for the country to be a part of one big business. This sets the foundation for their belief that big government should be the norm for all people. They believe that the government should control a person’s life in all things.

One liberal panelist has set out to define the DNC and what they believe. Her name is Ashley McCray. And she is a major fan of the liberal heretic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her Green New Deal is candy to McCray.

McCray idolizes the views of the socialist Democrats. Ocasio-Cortez would love to ground every single aircraft because it has become the symbol of capitalism. The aircraft makes capitalism possible. People can move more freely than ever before. But the liberal wants to do away with them all because they hurt the environment.

McCray is the spokeswoman for the satanic Ocasio-Cortez as she would exclaim that

“[O]ur hope and our dream is that we do push forward the Green New Deal. We do understand there is, the Green New Deal, the AOC-Markey policy that many of us have become accustomed to, but also realizing that on a state level, many different policies are being pushed forward that do relate to the Green New Deal, that are collectively moving forward into this regenerative economy and this regenerative future. And really, our position is that the Green New Deal and its policies, we’re moving toward this way anyway.”

McCray has acknowledged that the DNC has already started implementing, where they can, the Green New Deal. This is one reason why President Trump vetoes anything that comes from the Democrat’s brain. He has recognized that they are pushing harmful socialist ideas on the country. This is one of the ways that the president protects the integrity of the country.

The devious Democrats are after the food stands and any form of capitalism. McCray mentioned that their purpose is to destroy what she calls “white supremacy.” The framework for socialism is being framed and McCray and she is letting the cat out of the bag. Americans do not want what the Democrats have to offer. This is one reason why they are going to lose big in November.

Socialism seeks to take the money from capitalism and accumulate it for their own use. They claim that they want to give it to the poor, but they never give it all. The Green New Deal and socialist principles never work out well for the vast majority of the people. It leads to death and starvation.

The move of the Democrats is to seize power and keep it all for themselves. They will step on every person to get it. They have fallen into the trap that the pride of life is the meaning of life. They believe that bettering oneself at any cost is the purpose of life. But in the end, there is nothing but destruction. Every country that has fallen into socialism has been destroyed.

The danger that is facing the American people right now is not just a battle for a president. But, it is rather a fight to preserve the United States of America. The future of freedom in the world lies in the balance. Joe Biden is not the threat, but he is the avenue that the threat of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will use to take down the country.


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