Bikers for Trump: Hey Dems, Wisconsin Ain’t Yours for the Takin’

Bikers for Trump: Hey Dems, Wisconsin Ain’t Yours for the Takin’

Listen here, Dems. Wisconsin isn’t going to vote for Biden. It’s not happening. Cheeseheads are all about MAGA and Trump. And to prove it, they decided to head out to the Democratic National Convention. Hundreds of members from the “Bikers for Trump” organization wanted to put an end to the Trump-bashing that was going on at the Convention.

The group wanted to make sure that they had their voices heard. At the DNC security perimeter, they began to demonstrate. Who cares about the anti-Trump activity happening inside the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee? The bikers wanted to make it clear that the state had plenty of Trump supporters.

The bikers were all in for the event, too. They sang the national anthem. They recited the pledge of allegiance. They also had a very simple, no sugar-coated message for the Dems that were inside the arena: “Wisconsin ain’t theirs.”

One of the bikers, Jimmy Dean Mead, said that they were there more to show support for Trump than of their concern for the Convention going on. He said they can come into Milwaukee, “that’s their prerogative.” However, he wanted to be very clear: “We don’t want them to think that because they have their convention here, that they took Wisconsin. Wisconsin ain’t theirs, it’s ours.”

Additionally, Chris Cox, the founder of Bikers for Trump told Fox News that they weren’t there to poke the bear. Instead, they wanted to “keep an eye on things.” When Vince Tobin, the reporter with Fox News asked why the group didn’t wait until the following week when the Republican convention would be there, the answer was priceless: “I can’t remember the Democrats giving an inch and any direction. Why would we?”

While Cox had the spotlight for a moment, he also wanted to take a shot at BLM. The riots that have been happening around the country are still happening, and the violence is getting out of control. He wanted to ensure that he was distancing his group from that kind of behavior. Cox was clear when he said that “You will never see a biker lighting a pharmacy on fire, looting a sneaker store, calling for the death and destruction of private property and police officers. We are here to stand with law enforcement, to stand with our servicemen and women, not only active duty but the veterans and to support our president.”

That right there is the difference between how Republicans show support and how Democrats show support.

In a week, the Republican Convention will be in town. Let’s see how much violence and destruction there is simply because people don’t like Trump. They aren’t going to be civilized like the biker group. They’re going to act like maniacs because the Dems have forgotten how to express themselves without using violence in one way or another.

Scott Walker, the former Wisconsin Governor, even came out to stand with the Bikers for Trump. He even took to Twitter to show the patch that they gave him.

Cox said that it all comes down to voting. He wants to make sure that everyone comes out to vote. It’s fine to wear t-shirts and wave flags around. However, he said, “the only way to really raise the bar and move the needle is to identify people who otherwise don’t vote and get them to vote.” He said that this is of particular importance if you live in one of the states where the GOP needs to double down – Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, and of course, Wisconsin.

The bikers have spoken. They’re for Trump all the way. They’re working on getting more voters out to the polls, too. They let their thoughts be known without causing any kind of destruction. They should be applauded for this. Now, we wait to see if the Dems can do the same thing next week.


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