Prominent Message on Board Behind Warren During Speech Supporting BLM

Prominent Message on Board Behind Warren During Speech Supporting BLM

Backgrounds can tell a lot about a person, like whether they believe in disrupting the entire nuclear family. Like whether they believe that innocent people should be attacked in the streets in the name of revenge.

When Elizabeth Warren gave her speech at the DNC, it looked innocent enough. She’s just a sweet 71-year-old who has the best interests in mind for the country, right?

Take a closer look. Elizabeth Warren’s DNC convention speech took place in a childcare center. Now, behind her, on the bookcase, are three bins. In front of three of them are letters standing up in front. B, L, M. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

So, we’re only to guess that this was Senator Warren’s subtle approach to throwing her support behind Black Lives Matter. Now, as Senator Ted Cruz has once pointed out, there are differences. All black lives matter, and no one is disputing this. However, BLM refers to Black Lives Matter, the organization. That’s when things get a bit dicey.

The Black Lives Matter organization and movement are violent. They continue to riot, loot and commit violent acts all in the name of revenge for George Floyd. They want to break down the ideals of the nuclear family. They want to end police brutality towards black people – and they’ll do it in any means possible.

Yikes. And this is an organization that Elizabeth Warren wants to back? When there is so much civil unrest throughout the country, a senator really thinks it’s a good idea to make this kind of display? Particularly when it’s at the DNC convention speech, it’s in poor taste.

It seems that Warren can never seem to get it right. She places herself into racial battles where she doesn’t belong. This is the same woman who once claimed to be Native American – and then hosted a part of the DNC for the Native American Caucus earlier this week. The trolls came out in force – and the chat feature had to be shut off even before her speech started. For a woman who earned the nickname Pocahontas, the DNC really shouldn’t have had her hosting the Native American Caucus. It was a clueless decision.

The same goes for Elizabeth Warren choosing to carefully display only three blocks in the background: B, L, M. Either she did it to show her support of the organization or someone has done it for her.

Considering she has come out about police brutality and putting an end to racism in the past, she most likely placed the blocks there herself. She was smart enough to know that the DNC was about Biden, and, therefore, she did not involve BLM. However, the letters were there as a casual way to throw her support behind the hideous organization.

What Elizabeth Warren may not be aware of is that the BLM organization is not the way to achieve an end to racism. Warren has spoken out about the George Floyd protests, talking to the Washington Post: “I’m here today because nothing changes if we don’t speak out. It is not enough to stay comfortable in our homes and offices and say we stand in solidarity. It’s important that we get out on the front lines and call out racism everywhere.”

Fine. Speak out. Let’s call out racism. All of that is fine. No one is disputing that racism isn’t an issue. The problem is that the Black Lives Matter group as an organization is hell-bent on doing it in a violent way that borders on anarchy. If they want a seat at the table to talk about legislation and to make changes, run for office. Don’t make demands. Demands lead to a totalitarian government. We’ve worked too hard for our democracy and we will not give in to bullies. But, then again, that’s the problem with Warren – she’s not interested in a democracy. If she had her way, we’d move toward socialism. This is not acceptable, and with Biden choosing to stay so friendly with her, the fate of the country is teetering on the brink of extinction.


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