CDC Reverses COVID-19 Guidance and People are Cheering

CDC Reverses COVID-19 Guidance and People are Cheering

When it was decided that mass testing needed to be done, it was for the sole purpose of learning about the new virus that had shown its ugly face. But now that that information has been gathered, there is no reason to continue to push testing on people that do not need it.

The CDC is coming out with a new set of guidelines that will govern the future of forced testing. Make no mistake; the liberal media and Democrats hate their recommendations because it erodes away their data for fear pushing and extreme control measures.

The previous set of rules stated that everyone around a person needed to be tested regardless of whether they had symptoms. This was forced by mandated testing on people that no longer had a choice. This is the kind of control that Democrats love to have over people.

The new and more friendly rules state that healthy people that have been exposed do not need to be tested. The only time they should be tested is if or when symptoms show up. This puts the choice to be tested in the hands of the sick. People are smart enough to take care of themselves without having an ignorant Democrat interfering in their health.

Fear and anxiety still rule the thinking of many people. Angela Rasmussen is a research scientist at the Columbia Public Health Center. She shows her fear by stating, “It seems as though this new guidance is actively discouraging people from seeking testing, even if they have a known exposure. We need more testing, not less.”

The president has long since voiced the need to scale backtesting. The needed information about the virus and how it moves has already been obtained. The only reason the United States has such a high count is because of the number of tests that have been done.

COVID-19 is going to turn into something that happens to people during the sick season. People that are high risk will have to protect themselves as they did before the start of 2020. There will be people that will be asymptomatic and those that will have violent symptoms. Testing will fall to the discretion of the doctor like it is for the flu.

Defiance is the mark of every liberal. They cannot obey new rules. Dr. Michael Saag is one of those rebels. He states that “It’s like they’re saying we don’t have enough tests. In my opinion, if a community or municipality has sufficient testing, they should continue to use the testing and ignore this recent update.”

There are always going to be opinions regarding the changing of the rules. But the only opinions that matter are those that have done the research and have to initiate those changes. People that willfully disobey them are no better than the street gangs murdering people in Portland and other violent hotspots.

Dr. Amesh is another one of these people. He stated that “I agree that reflex testing of anybody with a significant exposure is unnecessary and not the best policy. Those individuals with significant exposures should self-quarantine for 14 days.” The need to self-quarantine is overkill. No one makes a person self-quarantine for the flu any longer. So, it stands to reason that it is no longer critical for COVID-19.

President Trump has been saying what the CDC has now released for several months. His plan to reopen the country and economy is right and the timing is perfect. Democrats hate his plan and want to see an increase in testing because it gives them a reason to continue to insane forced lockdowns and other control measures that they love to put people through.

The CDC finally has come to grips with the truth that COVID-19 will not last forever. The virus was manufactured in China to hurt others. And now that it has run its course, it will be gone from the world’s stage in a matter of time. For the country to rebound better than it was before, it will need President Trump to lead it for the next four years.


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