Liberals Beware: 50,000-Person March Approved with No Masks or Social Distancing

Liberals Beware: 50,000-Person March Approved with No Masks or Social Distancing

Democrats everywhere are fuming over the National Parks Service’s decision to allow 50,000 people to come to Washington to have a First Amendment civil rights gathering. The liberals are enraged that there will be no enforcement of mask-wearing or social distancing at the demonstration. People will be free to engage and participate without having to worry about liberal fear pushing and threats.

The demonstration that is set to take place is the 57th time that this event has taken place. The National Parks Service approved the permit and will let the event take place. Liberals all around Washington DC are fearful that COVID-19 will rise from the dead and kill everyone.

The restrictions that were in place for the pandemic earlier this year were to contain a potential threat to Americans. But now that it has been learned that no danger exists any longer, there is no need to keep such restrictions in place. Liberals hate the idea of the virus dying off because it limits their control over the people.

Fifty thousand people are going to flock to the area from all over the country. And there will be absolutely no enforcement of the fearful regulations put in place by the loony liberals living in DC. These people will prove once and for all that the threat the Democrats say is still present is not there.

Mike Litterst is the spokesperson for the National Parks Service. He stated that “We worked with the organizers on instituting proper measures to prevent the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases, and the permit reflects those measures. However, while the National Park Service strongly encourages social distancing, the use of masks, and other measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we will not require nor enforce their use.”

They are going to let people have authority over their bodies. They will let them decide if protection is needed to keep themselves healthy. The liberals have no right to push their fear on other people. The march may not be one that everyone agrees with, but the right to decide whether to mask up or not should be up to the people.

Time will tell if the march will remain peaceful or erupt into a riot. The theme of the rally is “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks.” It sounds just like what the BLM group has been crying for months now. Except their crying was politically motivated and not really about saving lives or enacting social change. Just more liberal freedom stealing.

The permit goes into detail that “Participants will assemble at the Lincoln Memorial to conduct a ‘First Amendment civil rights demonstration 57 years after the March on Washington,’ Activity will involve speeches, live entertainment, an Interfaith Ecumenical Prayer Service and free literature distribution.”

However, a stern warning has been issued for the people that “civil disobedience will not be a part of this First Amendment demonstration.” The police will be ready to respond to any person that thinks they can riot or turn to violence.

The media has already started spouting off that people that come to Washington will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. The liberal media is pushing that anyone coming from other regions should lock themselves up for the 14 days. But the law states that those coming from hotspots have to quarantine. Already they are taking things out of context and inventing their own rules.

There is a certain amount of freedom people have to assemble and march for specific issues. Not everyone may agree with the theme, but it is their right if the assembly remains peaceful. Once violence occurs, the gathering becomes illegal, and people can face federal crimes for being in attendance.

President Trump supports the Constitution and the rights of every American, whether they are liberal or conservative. What he does not support are those people that are a national threat to others and the country. People that cannot obey the laws surrender their rights to assemble for a peaceful protest. President Trump will work hard to keep Americans safe and will work to maintain law and order as part of this country.


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