Busted: Progressives Looked to Generate Fake News from RNC

Busted: Progressives Looked to Generate Fake News from RNC

Listen very carefully to what the progressive groups are asking for. They want the networks to tape-delay the Republican National Convention so that they can fact check it. Essentially, they want to filter out the information that gets to Americans based on what they deem acceptable.

This is exactly how fake news is generated. What gives the progressives the right to filter out the information that reaches Americans?

The Dems are always crying out that they want things to be fair. What is done for one convention should be done for another. How convenient that they are crying for a tape-delay after the Democratic National Convention has already aired. There was no delay there so that fact-checking could take place.

The letter that was sent out to a wide array of media outlets was signed by some of the top progressive organizations in the country, including UltraViolet, United We Dream Action, and Color of Change PAC.

The request was that the programming be placed on a one-minute time delay to ensure that active fact-checking was taking place.

“We need truthful information to stop the proliferation of disinformation that impedes the American public’s health and safety, and our democracy.”

Truthful information. This is coming from the Democratic Party, the same party that spent three nights tearing apart the President of the United States along with the entire country. They spewed their lies and their hate for all to hear. Yet, they want to be in control of what is shared with the American people as the President and all of his supporters speak.

The media is extremely manipulative, and it’s important to be aware of just what is happening. Media outlets are supposed to give equal time to both of the major parties. However, Amazon Prime Video offered a live stream of the DNC every night, yet it did not do the same for the RNC. So, already, people are only getting one side of the story.

The letter also claimed, “We know who the speakers at the convention will be, and an overwhelming majority of them contribute to the spread of dangerous disinformation every single day.”

Dangerous disinformation? What they are really saying is that the information being shared hurts their causes. The truth is being spoken, and they want to silence the GOP. If all of America gets to hear what’s really going on in the country, there’s no way that Biden would ever get voted in. It’s time that America does hear the truth about everything – the violent protests that the Dems want to ignore, the coronavirus outbreaks because Dems are turning the tables…the list goes on and on.

The Dems are going into panic mode, and it’s starting to show. They’re getting desperate to silence the right because they have skewed themselves so far to the left that they’re barely holding onto the edge. They’ve been moving further and further left to appease the progressives. What about the right-leaning Dems? What about the centrists? Clearly, the opinions of the few matter the most.

Even as the progressives try to silence the GOP, it’s not listening. The live stream of the RNC on C-Span got close to six times more views than those of the DNC the week before.

If there’s going to be any fact-checking in the future, for speeches, conventions, or anything else, the progressives have to realize that fair is fair. What gets done to the right gets done to the left. It’s called balance. So, if they want to call out Trump for his “disinformation” the same gets to be done to Biden.

The left needs to be very careful. They’re sharing a lot more disinformation than the right is, which is why they’re dangerously teetering on the side of losing the election. They want to censor everything, and even the sane-minded Dems are starting to call BS. Progressives want to rule, and they’re about to be presented with their worst nightmare: another four years of Trump.


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