Blackface. The Liberal Interpretation of Black Trump Voters

Blackface. The Liberal Interpretation of Black Trump Voters

The liberal media is known to make some accusations of epic proportions. However, when those within the black community go after their own simply because of a difference of political opinion, it’s a truly sad state of affairs.

The Republican National Convention was touted as being all-American. Despite the Dems saying that it was “too American,” the truth is that it showed just how many groups appreciate all that Trump has done for them.

After Biden made the disgusting comment that “you ain’t black” if you vote for Trump, it was critical for the Trump administration to show that there are many blacks who support Trump.

Tiffany D Cross, an MSNBC host, subbed in for Joy Reid on the AM Reid show. Rather than simply accept that there are black leaders who believe in Trump, she took a shot at them and the Republican convention.

She said, “I watched the Republican convention and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern-day minstrel show to me.”

She could have simply said that she was shocked by the number of black speakers who were willing to throw their support behind Donald Trump.

Instead, she compared the RNC to a minstrel show. As the History Channel explains it, minstrel shows were where “blackface” first began, where white performers would paint their faces black to portray characters that “demeaned and dehumanized” African Americans.

As she said it, there was an uncomfortable tone. She essentially identified that Senator Tim Scott along with football legend Herschel Walker were minstrels – white people pretending to be African American. That’s more than a little harsh.

It’s an ultimate statement of racism, and the fact that it was a black woman calling black speakers out is what has made this so horrific. There are countless other ways that she could have identified her distaste. Instead, she accuses the RNC of blackface. As one person tweets, calling her a “Progressive Liberal Marxist Elite” that those who are not white “are nothing more than puppets in a ‘minstrel show.’”

Tiffany D Cross may, of course, be worried that there are so many black leaders coming out to support Trump that it will hurt her new book. She’s currently publishing a book, “Say it Louder,” where, as she tweets, “Black people have shaped & SAVED this democracy since its inception. When our story is whitewashed, democracy is destroyed. This is my testimonial story documenting the truth about us as the superheroes we are & the attempt to bleach our experience.”

She is why there is racism. Just as she complains that there are people out there trying to “bleach” the experience, she also throws in the possibility that the RNC would use blackface as a way to show that there are blacks who are pro-Trump. She refuses to believe that there are true African Americans who don’t want to divide the country any further and that they are supportive of a person who has helped them and their businesses and their livelihood.

Has Tiffany D Cross come forward to apologize for her comments yet? Nope. And it’s unlikely that those who spoke at the RNC will get any kind of apology. She has been spouting hate for a while now – and doesn’t believe in apologizing for her beliefs.

So, it’s her way or the wrong way. It’s no wonder why she’s a Democrat. Biden is of the same mind. Obviously, if you’re black, you’re going to vote for Biden. If you’re black and you’re saying that you’re voting for Trump, you’re not really African American. You just have a bad case of blackface going on at the moment.

What she said is disgusting – and it’s getting more and more people to stop and decide what side of the political line they want to be on. So, she can continue to insult those within her race over political beliefs as it’s only helping Trump in the polls.


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