Yikes! Newsom Cuts Power Off to Californians After He Closes Power Plants

Yikes! Newsom Cuts Power Off to Californians After He Closes Power Plants

Living in California used to be a dream of millions of Americans. But as the Democrats took over each branch of the government, the desire to leave the state became millions of people’s wish. For those without jobs and income, life has become terrifying. The stress and worry over what they can do to save their homes are taking its toll. And as they watch other states open up, they can only wish that their monstrous governor would do the same. But they are being told to stay home instead.

Along with all of the financial woes of living in a socialist state, there is the threat of having one’s power shutdown. The snowball effect caused by the fear of Newsom over COVID-19 has kept people from working. So, they are not able to pay their electric bills. The power companies in California have permission to shut off the power to these homes.

People that want to experience a camper’s way of life should move to the state. Newsom’s decision to cut people’s power will leave millions of them without the ability to heat their homes in the winter or for their kids to do homework at night. Newsom has not thought through any extension program of those needing help.

Democrats are not known for giving help to people freely. They have trouble thinking about anyone but themselves. Newsom is making kids learn online instead of the classroom. With no power, they will fall behind because they cannot log into their classes.

The ridiculous shutdowns still in force in California have disrupted the normal schedule flow of every person. But for those that have been living from one paycheck to another, they have learned the value of having a contingency fund for when money is tight. Newsom needs to give them the chance to start saving for future emergencies by opening up the state and letting people get back to work.

Californians have to borrow from other parts of their budgets to pay their bills. At some point, those bills are going to snowball into an amount that they cannot pay. Most people owe thousands of dollars to the electric company because of Newsom and his pandemic fear. He just cannot think of any other way to solve the problems.

Newsom is taking the state back to a time where they did not have running water or electricity. The horse and buggy will make a comeback if something is not done to remove comrade Newsom from office. Not only will there be homeless people in the streets, but there will also be raw sewage piling up in homes.

Most people just realizing such realities have long taken for granted the benefit of having water and electricity. They do not appreciate the service until it is gone. Newsom will be fighting for his life in the next governor’s election because people will be voting for a person who will give them what he has taken from them.

But on some level, this is precisely what the liberals have wanted all along. Their fight to limit energy production and reduce smog has led to the troubles they now face. The problem is that their liberal leaders are short-sided enough not to consider clean versions of renewable energy.

Some people are asking the federal government to step in and keep Newsom from taking his unlawful actions. But the federal government can only go so far before they interfere with the sovereignty of the state.

Newsom and the Democrats want California to be the next failed communist state. They want people dependent on the state government for money, food, and other necessities. Big brother government is just another reason why so many people flee the tragedy taking place in the state.

President Trump is the only one that can keep things going in the right direction for the country. A vote for Joe Biden would put a failure like Newsom at the helm of the country. President Trump is the right man for the next four years. He alone can keep making America great and prosperous.


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