Russian and Chinese COVID Vaccines are Revealed to Have Serious Downsides

Russian and Chinese COVID Vaccines are Revealed to Have Serious Downsides

The race for a COVID-19 has been plagued with people claiming that they have the cure. Charlatans all over the world have preyed on people’s fear just to get at their money. And now it seems that China and Russia are running to the front of the world’s stage, claiming that they possess a vaccine that will cure people that have the nasty virus.

Each one of the vaccines that is being promoted as the cure has the same problem. What they are injecting their people with is based on a different variation of the virus in which people have already been exposed. This means that those that have had a common cold are already immune to the viruses.

Their claims are based on the normal immunity that a body develops by being exposed to the common cold. Their modifications of a vaccine have limited or no effectiveness in most people because their bodies are already programmed to beat the virus on its own.

For China and Russia to claim they have a vaccine is wishful at best. Each country is in the race for the cure. Most people are reluctant to trust anything coming out of China since they were the ones that unleashed the horror on the world.

One vaccine researcher named Anna Durbin stated that “The Ad5 concerns me just because a lot of people have immunity. I’m not sure what their strategy is … maybe it won’t have 70% efficacy. It might have 40% efficacy, and that’s better than nothing until something else comes along.”

For most people that would receive the shot, it would be like getting a placebo shot since their body would be immune to it in the first place. The available vaccine claims have been used before to treat other viral infections. To make claims that it is a cure for COVID-19 is to take medicine already in existence and plagiarize it is their own.

If anyone is to receive credit for a vaccine, it should be the president. Not because it is something new, but he removed the red tape that prohibited plasma from being used to treat the sick. He deserves the credit for paving the way for the first type of treatment for patients.

China and Russia are trying to model what he has done, just on a global level. But no one is falling for their tactics. The so-called vaccine takes a wide range of viral agents and allows the body to develop immunity. But to claim that it is a vaccine that will cure all coronavirus patients is to lie to the world.

Ad5 is just a collection of viral agents that the human population is already immune to. There is no way that China or Russia can take credit for something that has already been in use for years. Other than they want the money and prestige to find the best medicine for fighting COVID-19.

The only patients that will have a high success rate are those that have never been exposed to any of the viruses in Ad5. Most people in the United States and all over Africa have been exposed and have immunity. Some experts in the United States, including Dr. Fauci, believe that exposure to the drug could result in an HIV-like side effect. It makes one more susceptible to contract HIV.

Patients should be extremely cautious about running to such nations claiming to have a cure. The side effects of taking something that has not been proven is no better than a self-proclaimed doctor trying to cure people of things that they know how to treat.

China unleashed this horror on the world and is now claiming to have the cure. They are a hurtful nation that is only in it for the money. There is no compassion from the Chinese or Russian governments regarding the treatment of COVID-19. At one time, China tried to monopolize the medical equipment by trying to buy it all up to sell it back to nations that needed it. Greed is the defining mark of China and Russia.


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